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What’s Your Pick?

Which is the best all-time Washington Capital entry draft pick relative to where they were selected. Continue reading

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Where Would You Start Over?

Where would you most like to see an NHL team move to? Continue reading

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Most Exciting Game?

If you attended the 2009 Frozen Four, was Saturday night’s final the most exciting hockey game you’ve attended in Washington? Continue reading

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What Factor is More Responsible?

What factor is more responsible for the Pittsburgh Penguins’ recent winning turnaround?
(A) Dan Bylsma’s appointment as head coach
(B) Sidney Crosby’s absence from the lineup Continue reading

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Off-Ice Training Partners

This week we learned of yet another NHL player aligning himself with a Tier I trainer partner — Ottawa’s Mike Fischer with country music performer Carrie Underwood. Naturally, this leads us to our latest OFB Poll: Continue reading

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Give Us Your Storyline


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Give Us Your Storyline


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Hey Ref! The Finalists Await Your Votes

First OFB readers shared their favorite Capitals moments. This time we see Capitals fans creatively directing their passion at the game’s zebras ‚Äî with often hilarious results We’ve listed our top 6 OFB reader submissions below. Your votes will determine … Continue reading

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Ref, You Suck! Insulting Hockey’s Men in Stripes

The hockey-less heat of August provides one welcome relief for the NHL fan: freedom from the often egregious and grotesque officiating of NHL referees. Continue reading

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Woe Is Hardwood Seattle


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