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When Word of a Miracle Arrives on the Seas

[OFB note: Last February 22, on the 30th anniversary of the Miracle on Ice, we received an amazing note from a reader and patriot and serviceman, detailing an astounding narrative about how word of sports’ greatest moment was received by … Continue reading

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A Blogger’s Faith in Government Restored: The Formation of the First-Ever Congressional Hockey Caucus

The greeting from the congressman in his office this week was sudden and startling: “Can you blog and walk at the same time?” Nebraska Representative Lee Terry, smiling, asked as he stepped out of a closed-door meeting to meet me. … Continue reading

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Miracle On Canvas

Boston-area artist Brian Fox’s canvas creation captures the spirit of the Miracle on Ice from a different perspective Continue reading

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Suddenly I Want To Grow a Mullet

You may have heard — in Pittsburgh last night, the hometown hero was anything but. Sidney Crosby, dagger driver into the hockey heart of America this past Sunday, was accorded a villian’s welcome at Mellon Arena before the Penguins’ 3-2 … Continue reading

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Here’s Hoping Canadians Become Gold Medal Fans Again

Two, maybe three days a year max, I “hate” Canada — when U.S. national hockey teams face those of Canada. I put hate in quotes because I’m incapable of deep-seated antipathy toward my neighbors to the North. It’s a beautiful … Continue reading

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A Miracle Acknowledged by Today’s American Hockey Stars

Up in Hershey this past weekend our blogger colleague Eric McErlain of Off Wing OpinionĀ  joined us in a patriotic questioning of the Hershey Bears’ John Carlson. Carlson of course etched his name in American hockey lore last month, sudden-death … Continue reading

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Stephen Colbert Saves the Olympics

Stephen Colbert’s Sport Report discusses Vancouver’s notable lack of snow, Newark as future host of the Winter Games, and his upcoming trip to Vancouver. Colbert then chats with his co-anchor next week in the NBC Peacockpit, Al Michaels, about the Miracle on Ice and the possibility of an Al Qaeda bobsled team. Continue reading

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Forgotten No Longer: The 1960 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team

Imagine setting out to document in film a historic sports achievement which by virtue of its time period offers only minimal archival footage. A great, great story to be told without much in the way of camera-eye evidence. Such was … Continue reading

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A Links Legend Briefly Evokes a Sacred Comparison

Some time Saturday evening I first heard the comparison between Tom Watson’s brush with unimaginable triumph at the British Open and the Miracle on Ice. The enormity of what Watson was embarking upon is perhaps best acknowledged in that no … Continue reading

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From the Heartland, a Personal Reflection on a Miracle

Video clips from the movie Miracle, these are some of the great moments of the Miracle that capture the Game. Continue reading

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