The Hockey News: ‘Five people on the hotseat’ (guess who’s no. 1)

More indictment of Capitals’ management, courtesy of Adam Proteau:



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6 Responses to The Hockey News: ‘Five people on the hotseat’ (guess who’s no. 1)

  1. Danny says:

    No articles about how the Caps have surged to the top of the division and played maybe their best game of the year last night? Why are the articles here so grumpy? I’ll wait I guess.

  2. Patrick says:

    I’m with you Danny! Why no article pointing out all of the many recent positives?
    Surely there is a feel good angle left in our writer’s quill?
    Ovie, Backie, Ribsy, Greenie, Oleksie, Mojo, Neuvy, Holtby, Oatsie, etc, the stories practically write themselves.
    Why so quick to jump on the dark, negative bandwagon yet slow to share the light?
    Let’s go Caps, Let’s go Caps, Let’s go Caps!


  3. How imperative is the Erat deal looking right about now? : )

  4. Patrick says:

    I think that he’ll need a couple games with his linemates before we make an informed judgement. Too soon to call the deal a bust or boon. A short season plus an untimely injury certainly makes for a quick adjustment from one system to another. Erat has skills and sandpaper,


  5. VanZabDan says:

    Not everyone feels the same about this trade, see this post from the bleacher report:
    Of course, they also said Forsberg was the player the Caps shouldn’t trade last December so who knows.

  6. morgan says:

    If anybody still checks this post, I heard a rumor that Erat has a history of concussions and the next one he gets could be a career ender. Anybody know if this is legit or BS?

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