Game On!

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3 Responses to Game On!

  1. Robert says:

    Well, now Sidney Crosby can be paid his Bizillion annual salary over 48 games. And Ovi needs to get that pouch turned into a 6-pack ASAP. Did the NHLPA get their demanded minimum $800,000 salary requirement? Did the NHLPA get that concession? Guess who pays that salary? Bingo! “the Fans” – not sure where else the revenue to these organizations comes from they can’t print it and advertising only goes so far in an empty arena and on unwatched channels. So a massive chunk of that $ has to come from the fans. I guess the previous minimum wage for wearing the jersey of $525,000 wasn’t good enough. I know I won’t be buying one iota of anything NHL related.

    But having said all that, I plan on watching the Caps, if they play, and I hope that they are able to do more than a typical early choke out of the playoffs.

  2. penguin pete says:

    not even 36 hours and there’s already a crosby cheap shot here…love it! finally a reason to come here everyday, read a well-written article and yell at my monitor about how wrong it is.

    welcome back everyone.

    and go pens.

  3. VTmikey says:

    So happy at the thought of DC hockey reading material being up here daily again. Let’s go Caps!

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