Making Do

Perhaps you’ve heard — NHL owners and the players union will meet tomorrow, 30 days of lockout having ellapsed. But according to media accounts on Monday, no new proposals will be exchanged between the sides. It’s looking grim.

Meanwhile, there is hockey to be found. The Capitals’ minor league affiliates opened over the weekend, and the NBC Sports Network had college hockey broadcast live and in prime time Friday and Saturday nights. (With respect to the NHL Network, we wonder: just how many game replays from previous seasons do they plan on showing this fall and winter???) OFB reader Steve sent us a choice photo he snapped while visiting his daughter in Ann Arbor over the weekend; the Wolverines season opened with a visit from RIT. Yost is an iconic rink, as this image amply illustrates.

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2 Responses to Making Do

  1. penguin pete says:

    miss discussing our varied opinions (mine, of course, the correct ones) regarding caps/pens. hope everyone is doing well…

  2. Miss you too, Pete. Hope you’re enjoying Autumn.

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