TSN, Sending Up Semin

We in Washington have, understandably, a conflicted view of Alexander Semin. To be sure, we’re aware of his numerous and infuriating faults: so often, he seemed invisible; so often, he seemed capable of so much more. Yet we’ve also had the best seat in hockey to witness his extraordinary exhibitions of sublime skill: the wicked wrister that has almost no rival; that other-worldly ability to make world-class opponents look silly.

Alexander Semin this week may well learn the consequences of a decade of being brilliant but also maddening and mercurial while a Washington Capital. He’ll land a deal somewhere, eventually, but perhaps not with an elite contender. Why? This TSN free agency panel pulls no punches in sizing up how and why Semin seems to come up so small, despite possessing a toolkit few in this sport can boast.


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14 Responses to TSN, Sending Up Semin

  1. Phil S says:

    This wasn’t “sending up”. This was anti-russian xenophobia. And it needs to be called out. Plus, coming from Crawford, a guy about to go on trial for allegedly aiding in ending a players career, the label of “loser” is a bit rich.

  2. After seeing Crawford’s rampant xenophobia, I am *SO* glad GMGM didn’t pick him to helm the Caps.

  3. Mike says:

    How do Crawford and McGuire know with such apparent certainty that Semin is a “bad teammate” and a “coach killer?” This is the kind of invective normally reserved for a truly despicable, criminal or immoral person – not the player we fans have come to know and love/hate. And these guys have no firsthand experience with him – except maybe his unwillingness to do interviews in English (BFD and whoop dee doo). So who is dumping the “fact” that Semin is a “bad teammate” and a “coach killer” into Crawford and McGuire’s brains? And with what “proof?” Very strange these guys would risk borderline slander to engage in this kind of clumsy blackballing.

  4. HBH WC says:

    I thought Ovie was the ultimate coach killer.

  5. Rob says:

    Semin is a player that has been lost in the shadows of Ovechkin, Backstrum & Green when they are healthy and playing along side of him he tends to coast. But put him in a situation where he is depended on to pull out a win as when Ovie was hurt or suspended he’s always rose to the occasion.

    A small market team with no true #1 like Colorado, St Louis, Phoenix or Buffalo is what Semin needs – Put him in a situation where he is the star and depended on to excel on a nightly basis and he’ll win games, make him a second stream player and just like in Washington he’ll give you just enough to hang yourself.

  6. Darryl says:

    I have seen plenty of games when Ovie and Nick and Green have been out and I only saw Semin on a milk carton. That being said, I think the TSN panel went overboard and that was down right unprofessional.

    ESPN guys dont even say that about the headcase’s in the NFL, I’m sure they want to, But they keep it professional.

  7. Loki says:

    Am I the only Caps fan that doesn’t want to see Semin go? I can remember quite a few occasions where he came through with a goal to win the game, and it sure seemed like he got his temper under control when Hunter was here.

  8. dchockeynut says:

    No you’re not Loki, that’s for sure. Oddly enough I kinda like him, and lord knows my girlfriend moons over him like crazy. I would love for him to stay but frankly it’s not going to happen. He feels his career’s stagnant here. I don’t blame him, his position within the organization has been so mercurial as to bring admiration for his ability to not completely lose it after all that’s happened. I watch him for those ultra rare nights where out of nowhere he makes everyone on the ice look like they belong on a pee wee league. The problem is we all KNOW he has that ability. That wrister of his, as a pure shot, better than anyone else in the league. His stick-handling can, when everything hooks up, put Backstrom or even Crosby to shame. He can also see the ice well. But all this can’t happen if his heart’s not in it. Nobody ever took him seriously in the organization because it was Ovie this and Ovie that. Semin stood very clearly in his shadow and couldn’t grow because of it.

    Now back on topic – Mr. Crawford may very well have to hoof it back here in September or October when the Moore – Bertuzzi trial starts (Likely called as a witness.) That should prove interesting, seeing as how that’s right around when hockey starts… Coaching In Absentia? Or is he trying to get away to try and avoid being subpoena’d to potentially testify against Bertuzzi, one of his best friends? After his statements sunday, I’m one that’s glad that the man’s on another continent.

  9. Dark Stranger says:

    Loki, you are not the only one who would like to keep Semin. And I know of a few other people too. When Semin came up, he reminded me so much of my first born (who’s almost exactly a year younger). And of my kids, my Seminesque kid is the one most like me.

    Semin’s recent situation seems to be exactly what my job situation was 30 years ago when I was his age. I was the longest tenured person on the job (a government contract) and felt like I should have a better role but was turned down and considered to be somewhat “temperamental”. So, needless to say, I left. That project had gone through several managers in my tenure there. (And 4 years later, the company I was working for, won my old contract and guess who helped write the proposal. Moi!)

    I recalled my academic performance in school and it was certainly of the “good Sasha bad Sasha” variety. On my best days, I was the best student in the class. On my worst days, I would be mediocre. It wasn’t for lack of effort. I get the feeling my brain works similarly to Semin’s.

  10. Dougeb says:

    I thought the “NHL Boys” were way out of line as well and the whipping was uncalled for. Certainly, this player has some downside, but who doesn’t?
    I would like him back — but only an amount of < $5.5M per year, average contract valuation for a term of not to exceed 3 years.

  11. gs12 says:

    I also agree, would like to see Semin stay. I thought he played well towards the end of last year – and remember several times in the playoffs he stepped up and played strong/good D. Caps need scoring, they should keep Semin.

  12. ValleyCapsFan says:

    I’ll go against the grain on this discussion and say that I’m happy to see Semin go. I would’ve been happier to see him go 2 years ago. For all his goal-scoring prowess, his lazy penalties, usually in the offensive zone, and overall subpar defensive play lead to as many goals against the Caps. His all-to-occasional flashes of brilliance have always been enough to earn him another fat contract from GMGM in the hope he’ll put together a full season fully realizing his potential. Alas, that never happens. I don’t even need to bring up his lack of media outreach.

    Bottom line: Good riddance. I hope he has fun in the KHL or disappointing fans in some second- or third-tier NHL club.

  13. armando says:

    nj devils need semin he will be a good fit

  14. pittdev says:

    imo, Alex Semin is a superstar who has awesome talent. No player is perfect and therefore is lacking in some aspect (largely in his game it’s Ovi and the capital organization). However that said, he does have his own issues, I agree, but in no way whatsoever does he deserve the unprecedented level of trash talk he is faced with. TSN and Crawford and MCguire are absolute boneheads(to put it mildly). This is not the first time they have said foolish things and it would appear that most people think they are idiots of the first magnitude. It’s time for them to be fired or at the very least to make a sincere apology to Alex Semin(and Columbus) and be informed that this is the last chance to conduct yourself in a classfull and professional manner. In regards to what he said about Crosby years ago, so what? I doubt S.C. even cares or remembers. He certainly doesn’t deserve the raps he gets but is faced with it all the time. Semin will be signed by some team, probably for less that he deserves and have a fresh start that he needs. Put him on a good line and he will dazzle the fans and light up the light.

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