A Night at the Nats Game

On Saturday, I was extremely fortunate to score a ticket to the President’s Club with my friend L. and the gentlemen of Two In The Box. I wasn’t sure what to expect, except that I knew it was going to be awesome. And I wasn’t disappointed. From the prime rib to the lobster mac ‘n cheese, the food was completely amazing. The views of the indoor batting cages and the press conference room were exciting. The in-seat delivery of food and beverages was helpful. But best of all was seeing Brooks Laich, John Carlson, and Karl Alzner (and his girlfriend) at the game.

A few fans approached them (I saw Laich graciously talking to one young fan), but from what I could tell, most folks generally left them alone. Of course, that didn’t stop anyone from taking photos, including the guys! Alzner tweeted a photo of his view to the Nats’ Drew Storen, whose jersey Alzner was wearing. There’s something awesome and kind of funny about seeing professional athletes wearing other professional athletes’ jerseys. It’s too bad that the guys didn’t get to see a Nats win, but it was a great evening nonetheless.

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4 Responses to A Night at the Nats Game

  1. sentientcheese says:

    The boys are still in town? would have though Laich would have made the border.. unless this is part of his “take maybe a month off, then get back to training” period?

  2. I’m still a little heart broken about the Rangers series. A seven game set that was that close is just hard to swallow. I like the honorable mention of Alzner’s girlfriend lol(she most have been hot?)

  3. Geo says:

    I guess OFB is off for the summer? Since you all were pretty prescient, in a way, about Dale Hunter becoming Caps coach, I was curious who the OFB crew was projecting once GMGM comes down from the mountaintop to actually make a choice. 🙂

  4. Rookie says:

    Do the Caps have anyone on the radar for the coaching job? Other teams are already hiring and the pool of candidates will get weaker if they don’t act soon.

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