Another Pack of Pucksters Makes Round 2 Picks

Dear Jim Iovino: Wise men publish elevated flattery directed at beautiful women.

Kinda surprised we were the only ones going with Caps in seven in round one. But we’re even more surprised to see the overwhelming majority (all but one!) of puck prognosticators over at go with the Caps in round two, against the no. 1-seeded Blueshirts. Folks just really seem to like this matchup for our guys. NBCWashington’s Iovino has again solicited the predictions of a stable of able local new media hockey nuts, and we enthusiastically contributed. The series preview is on the home page this morning.

A snippet from our overall take on the series:

Again with this fine collaborative, there are scores of strong insights, and the varied perspectives make for an enriching read. We won’t tell you here how we called round 2 for the Caps — visit for that — but we will share that we are seeing potentially something special form for the Caps this postseason. “Special hockey clubs in spring often seem to have a special chemistry between skaters and netminder, a bit of a swagger,” we wrote. “This Capitals club seems to have just that swagger.”

And we ID’d this as the series ‘X-Factor’:

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1 Response to Another Pack of Pucksters Makes Round 2 Picks

  1. Grace says:

    Other than Blues in 5, Caps in 7 was the only thing I got right on my Round 1 bracket.

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