Quality Content and Good Fun: WRC’s Embrace of DC’s Hockey Blogs

With five consecutive playoff appearances, the Capitals have helped deliver another rite of spring — local NBC web guru Jim Iovino’s spirited playoff survey of local media, heavy on blogger participation, to his credit. Jim is the managing editor of NBCWashington.com, a serious puckhead, and from his first day in the Verizon Center press box a great friend and champion of D.C’s hockey bloggers. For this year’s opening round against the Bs Jim has outdone himself, bringing to his survey a truly sprawling and eclectic set of voices. Many of our favorites contributed: Dave Nichols, of District Sports Page; Adam Vingan of Kings of Leonsis; Japers’ Rink; Baltimore WNST’s Ed Frankovic; prolific hockey book author Ted Starkey; Grant Paulsen from 106.7 the Fan; Angie Lewis from the Hockey Writers; Sean Leahy from Yahoo’s Puck Daddy blog; Jack Anderson from XM Home Ice; and WRC sportscaster Dan Hellie, among others. We urge you to give a close perusal to all the contributions, as they are uniformly thoughtful, fun, and well conceived. Here’s hoping we get another go at this fun exercise in a second round.

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