Paying a Price for Telling the Truth

New York Rangers head coach John Tortorella is a lot of things — hot-headed, fiery, bombastic, caustic, exceptionally intense — but also a Stanley Cup winner. He has become somewhat iconic in recent seasons for his post-game rants in the aftermath of adverse developments for his hockey teams, and another arrived Thursday night, when his Rangers potentially lost grit center Derek Stepan to an injury the byproduct of a knee-on-knee collision with Pittsburgh’s Brooks Orpik.

Over the course of about 90 scintillating seconds Torts went nuclear on the “arrogance” of the Penguins, and how they’d most assuredly cry ‘bloody murder’ had one of their key players been felled by a hit such as Orpik’s. No matter what your thoughts of Torts as the Rangers’ bench boss, you have to admire his gumption in calling out the Pens as so many (especially in D.C.) see them. Predictably, Tortorella was fined — big-time! (20 large) — for his temerity Thursday night, perhaps proving his point.

We may soon see Tortorella and the Rangers as a postseason adversary again; but in this instance, we raise a tall cold one in salute to his truth-telling.


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6 Responses to Paying a Price for Telling the Truth

  1. ohreferee says:

    Truly appreciate your comments. It is sad really that the whole hockey world recognizes the pro-Pittsburgh bias, but the league will do everything in its power to pretend it away. From their ensuring Crosby becoming a Penguin to their obvious tanking to get top picks, to the unbelievabe blind eye of officials “missing” calls, the NHL is making a sham of the league’s integrity. Yet it is Milbury’s apology that speaks volumes as to the reach of the NHL. Frankly, I am not fond of him but it is clear to me he had no choice. They could not cause him to be “fired” because of his national visibility, but Milbury’s future ability to have access to league and team sources would have markedly been reduced or even be made non-existant making him ineffectual as a sports analyst/reporter. So shame on you Mr. Bettman and your cohorts; but most of all, I have lost all respect for Mario Lemieux, one of the greatest players to don skates.

  2. cryRags says:

    notice how Tortorella goes on a 5 minute rant while Crosby replies with…”it’s garbage,I’m done with it” BTW Orpik talked to Tortorella on Friday….guess they’re ok with things. On a serious note, I’m glad Stepan is ok but man if there are serious cryers out there the Rags and their fans are in that category. Arrogance should not be confused with thick skinned, people. All the crud Pens fans and the organization have had to put up with have made us resillient not vulnerable.

  3. DOC says:

    Why Is It That All I Hear Lately Caps Fans Crying About Crosby.

    Get A Grip On Life CAP FANS!!!!.

    Washington Will Never Hold The Stanley Cup.!!!!

    Ovi Was Alot Of Talk From The Beginning And Now He Offers Nothing To His Fellow Team Mates.

    Ovi Captain That Was The” BIGGEST MISTAKE” From Day One.

    Now Hunter A Coach What A Joke!!!!

    Now For The “Grand Finale Outcome” Boston Clean Sweep Over The Useless Caps.

    Crosby Is Better And We All Know It.

    Go Pens Go Pens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. kelly chuba says:

    Doc, feel free to take your useless rant to a Pens’ blog….

  5. sonja says:

    The definition of irony – fining a person for calling out a problem, thus making the problem more real. NHL leadership is full of idiots.

  6. Mike B says:

    Doc, get a grip on your hypocrisy………

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