Win A Day With the Stanley Cup (or a $25 Gift Card)

Have you ever wanted to drink out of the Stanley Cup, sleep with it, or take a photo with it? Well, now’s your chance! Discover has partnered with the NHL to offer one lucky fan a day with the Stanley Cup:

Discover invites you to compete to win a day with the Stanley Cup® (the “Grand Prize”) by submitting a photo demonstrating your (or your child’s) passion for the sport of hockey along with an essay describing why you (or your child) deserve a day with the Stanley Cup®. A panel of judges will judge all eligible submissions to determine the top three (3) Finalists (each of the top three, a “Finalist,” and collectively, the “Finalists”). The Finalists’ submissions will be posted online where website visitors can vote for their favorite submission to determine the winner of the Grand Prize…

After April 12, three final entries will be chosen and posted to Facebook where the public will have five days to vote for their favorite entry. The contestant with the most votes by 11:59 p.m. ET on April 21, 2012 will be deemed the official Day With the Cup™ Winner, and will be awarded the ultimate hockey package, which includes spending a day with the Stanley Cup, celebrating with family and friends, having the experience documented and featured during game one of the Stanley Cup® Final, as well as round trip airline fare, hotel and tickets to one of the games of the Stanley Cup Final. 

Sadly, the rules prohibit doing anything with it other than taking photos, so no eating/drinking/sleeping with the Cup. However, the winner and 25 of his/her closest friends get to have their pictures taken with it, and the winner also gets a trip to a Stanley Cup final game, so it’s not a total loss.

To enter, go to or check out Discover’s Facebook page or Discover’s Twitter page for more information.

OFB Contest

We’ve discussed the best referee taunts; now it’s time to talk about the fans. What’s the best taunt to opposing fans/players/teams that you’ve heard? The Winnipeg fans had a stinging one for Ryan Miller, “SILVER MEDAL.” And of course, there’s the always classic chant for the Islanders, “WE WANT FISHSTICKS!”  

Leave your favorite in the comments below, and you could be a winner. (Preferably something more clever than “<insert name here> sucks.”) Two readers will be selected by OFB to each win a $25 Discover gift card. Try to keep it clean, and nothing ignorant or obscene, please. If more than one similar comment is submitted, the first has priority. Deadline for entry is Wednesday, April 11 at 5:00 p.m. EST; the winners will be contacted and announced shortly thereafter.

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16 Responses to Win A Day With the Stanley Cup (or a $25 Gift Card)

  1. Steven says:

    My favorite was in last year’s first round playoffs at the VC. “WE ARE LOUDER” (Tap, tap, tap tap tap) in response to the MSG’s “Can you hear us.” When else has two crowds taunted each other directly?

  2. Addison says:

    The “We are louder” cheer against NYR was pretty awesome to be a part of

  3. Addison says:

    “Hey, (goalie’s name)! You’re not a goalie, you’re a sieve! You’re not a sieve, you’re a funnel! You’re not a funnel, you’re a vacuum! You’re not a vacuum, you’re a Black Hole! You’re not a Black Hole, you just suck! You just suck! You just suck! You just suck!”

  4. As an OFB member I’m not eligible for the contest, but I have to share my favorite team-taunting moment anyway: when Caps and Pens fans found common ground at the Winter Classic and started chanting “Flyers Suck!”

  5. ThunderWeenie says:

    Hello, OFB-ers! I haven’t commented in ages, though I have been lurking within the site for a while. Hope that my favourite group of hockey bloggers is doing well.

    As far as chants go, there is nothing quite like hearing 18,000 people who are absolutely incensed by a bad penalty or disallowed goal to the home team, all chanting in unison: “BULL SH-T! BULL SH-T! BULL SH-T! BULL SH-T!”

  6. ThunderWeenie says:

    I hope that doesn’t count as “ignorant or obscene”. I hope I edited it appropriately. 🙂

  7. ThunderWeenie says:

    Oh, sorry, this is specifically about taunts. My bad!

    Taunting a goalie by chanting his name is always fun–and why mess with the classics, right? Someone like Bryzgalov does you no favours at all (I mean, how the hell could you POSSIBLY chant that?), but I remember the entire building in Ottawa chanting HAAAAAAAAAAAA-SEKKKKKKKK during the 1999 playoffs against Buffalo.

    Of course, Buffalo swept Ottawa and went to the Finals that year, but…well, why quibble. 🙂

    But that still has to be one of my favourites. HAAAAAAAAAAA-SEKKKKKKKKK!!!!!

  8. David Wolf says:

    I am with Mike. The Caps and Pens at the Winter Classic against the Flyers was fantastic. Sorry, CAPS fans but my favorite was the recent Caps game against the Jets where 15,000+ Winnipeg Jets Fans are chanting to Washington Capital star Alex Ovechkin, “Crosby’s Better” I am sorry Caps Fans….but that is really funny. The Jets fans showed no mercy to Ovechkin with a one of a kind taunt. The TV annoucers could barely talk to cover the game over the crowd noise. No bad language just getting under his skin. Ovechkin was not happy. You Could see it on his face. Watch it at…

  9. TG says:

    At Rangers games: 2048! Clap, clap, clap clap clap. 2048! Clap, clap, clap clap clap.

    Except that people don’t always get that one.

    For the Penguins: Chapter 11! Clap, clap, clap clap clap.

    For the Sabres: Chapter 22! (Not a lot of people got that one either.)

    From my brother: What do you call a Sabres fan in Buffalo? Unemployed! (Works for most rust belt cities.)

  10. Dave says:

    Oh my, 2048 is a good one.

    I’ve done that “Unemployed” taunt to many an opposing fan — there’s a reason you all live in DC now, you schmucks!

  11. Grooven says:

    I always equated the “unemployed” to a Penguins fan in Pittsburgh. That and a good “Yin-zer! Yin-zer!”

    “Hey Ottawa, Trojan condoms called. They want their logo back”

    For the Sabres, chanting “Toe in the crease” usually gets a good reaction (or lauding Brett Hull)

  12. Elizabeth says:

    I’m particularly proud of the time I hollered “Hey Ogilthorpe, move the puck!” at Mike Commodore, back when he had that curly mop of hair.

    I also remember watching a tilt against the Bolts, and the guy behind me was taunting Martin St. Louis about his height all night. Most of the time I wasn’t impressed, but I did burst out laughing when he shouted “Hey, St. Louis! I loved you on FANTASY ISLAND!”

  13. joyfulleigh18 says:

    A guy in my row shouts Britishisms, like “Crosby, you wanker!”. But my favorite is when we’re playing Tampa Bay and he shouts “Crush the hobbit!” whenever the vertically-challenged Martin St. Louis is on the ice. Hilarious.

  14. hackeynuy says:

    I’ve always enjoyed the “give that man a ticket” anytime Dany Heatley gets a penalty.

  15. Mary Fendrick says:

    Sitting in our level 200 season ticket seats we get a lot of different people sitting around us. Our favorite taunt has always been the high-schooler at a Caps-Pens game calling “The Penguins are inadequate on defense”. Must have been studying for the SAT.

  16. chris says:

    My favorive was when I was at the Caps-Pens debacle years ago. During pregame the pens were out stretching and Matt Barnaby Was down doing a groin stretch. The guy behind me yelled at him, “Hay Barnaby. Is that how your boyfriend likes it?”

    The best past about it was that Barnaby looked up, made eye contact with the guy and blew him a kiss.

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