How You Blow a 3-0 Lead, Ovi’s Two Goals, and Was Brooks Laich’s Fight a Good Idea?

Your most burning questions about the Caps’ 4-3 overtime loss to the division rival Winnipeg Jets on Friday answered:

–Should people be concerned the Caps blew a 3-0 lead?
–Chemistry: Perreault and Ovechkin
–Brooks Laich dropped the gloves for the second time this season: right or wrong call at that point of the game?

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10 Responses to How You Blow a 3-0 Lead, Ovi’s Two Goals, and Was Brooks Laich’s Fight a Good Idea?

  1. Dark Stranger says:

    Did not laich Laich’s fight. Did not think it was very good idea given as it took our (current) 1st line center and very versatile player out of the lineup. Not a trade I’d want to make.

  2. JW says:

    Actually my most burning question is “why was the coach shortening the bench on the second night of a back to back?”

  3. morgan says:

    Maybe he was shorting the bench because some players weren’t performing.

  4. DOC says:

    HMMMMMMMMMMMMM: Still puzzled about the CAPS !!!Coach?Captain? Revamp the whole Team.

    Lets Face It All Caps Fans ??? Maybe you will watch a better Team in the Playoffs!While the Caps Play Golf.

    Dale Hunter As Coach What A Joke!!!

    The KID is Back on Track.

    Pens 8 Jets 4 Jets 4 Caps 3

  5. For JW and Morgan~we did briefly address the bench shortening in the video … 😉 but we can definitely give more details: Hunter said four or five of the guys just weren’t getting it done, so a few of them sat. Looking at minute totals for the overall game and the third period, my guess would be two of the culprits were Jeff Halpern and Keith Aucoin. John Carlson’s minutes were also pretty low in the third, but then he played in overtime–and was actually on the ice when the Jets scored the game-winner.

  6. Eddie says:

    Gotta agree w JW. I think the game the night before caught up with them. It should be all hands on deck, not putting good players in the brig when the enemy attacks. And btw, the fans could be a bit more vocal. This year’s Verizon center is not the Red Rocking place it used to be. Sometimes the team needs the fans to step up and help them out of a hole. Haven’t seen that in awhile. The crowds are way too quiet lately

  7. HBH WC says:

    Could it be that coaching kids with aspirations of playing in the NHL is a whole different ballgame than coaching millionaires that already are?

  8. morgan says:

    HBH WC, you make a very valid point. Wonder what the millionaires will think on the golf course if they don’t make the playoffs or are ousted in the first round if they do make the playoffs? Probably shrug it off and concentrate on their putting.

  9. Gene says:

    Frustrating loss, YES people should be concerned! They were up 3-0,everyone felt the ‘we are finally back’ vibe….and then…disaster. Good teams don’t give up 3 goal leads when they HAVE to win. They just don’t. Caps continue to struggle to reach their potential, Buf on the other-hand is redhot – Caps are in very real danger of missing the playoffs. Unthinkable.

  10. HBH WC says:

    @ Morgan,
    If you’ve ever listened to Mike Golic on ESPN, you would hear him say that professional athletes have a shorter memory than their teams fans, they have to or they would go crazy dwelling on losses. So yea, they would shrug it off.
    Any professional athlete would.

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