Standing Tall In SRO

Last June, I wrote about my friend Kathryn who bought Standing Room Only (SRO) season tickets. I finally had a chance to experience SRO, at Friday night’s (disastrous) game vs. New Jersey. There are two SRO areas, one at either end of the arena. We were on the side where the Caps shoot once, which was unfortunate since we got to see all of the New Jersey goals. Anyway, the view was a good one and I enjoyed the vantage point. I didn’t even mind standing; I found that I almost preferred it after a while. It was almost like standing around at a party, except that this was no party.

There were two main disadvantages that I could see. One was the volume of traffic passing by in front of me during the game. It was distracting and annoying; it didn’t seem like there was ever a break, even when the puck was in play. And while the view was a good one, the people in the last row of seats would occasionally lean forward and that obstructed my view somewhat. SRO is best for tall people.

The other thing that was mildly annoying was the placement of Red Rockers. At any given time, there were at least two of them next to us. I realize this is not going to bother everyone (the guys standing next to me didn’t seem to have a problem with it, judging by the constant ogling), but it wasn’t just the out-of-place random dancing. The pom-poms made a lot of noise that was difficult to tune out. Still, having them there could be a boon for some; Kathryn’s husband was in her SRO spaces for a game in December and the Red Rockers picked him to answer a trivia question. He received a bag of Caps goodies and a hockey stick for his efforts.

Despite that, I enjoyed standing. (In fact, a guy who was sitting in front of us ended up spending half of the game standing in a vacant SRO space.) I liked that there was a coat hook above the spot. The spaces were larger than anticipated, and clearly marked so there was no confusion. The view was fantastic.  Overall, it’s worth a shot and I would do it again.

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3 Responses to Standing Tall In SRO

  1. Peter R says:

    My seats are right above and I often wonder that the SRO are a better value.

  2. Mike says:

    That coat hook is awesome — so much better than sitting on your coat or stuffing it under your seat on the floor.

  3. Patrick says:

    Hmmm, Red Rockers, pom poms, clothing hooks, I like where this is going!

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