Appreciated Callout

Scored us some love from WaPost today, and we send it right back. From Tarik to Steinz to Boz and all the paper’s photogs, there was rich and deeply reflective coverage of this historic week for hockey here by the big paper. Be a good idea for us to chronicle, too, the best of this week’s work by Washington’s hockey blogs; in the collective theirs again was a creative force of forums within which this hockey town could ponder and debate all the change.

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5 Responses to Appreciated Callout

  1. Such a Bad Move says:

    Well you bloggers and yahoos got what you wanted. Boudreau is gone. and he is such a bad coach he got another NHL head coaching job in what 3 days. Yes he must be terrible. He just delivered a division title after division title, which gives you no less than a 3 seed. I have a little news flash for you guys, winning the Cup is hard, such a bad move to get rid of Boudreau. Now all I see are blogging headlines with the word “Experiment” and lots of use of the word “hope”. We could have been talking about peaking at the end of the year instead. I’m shocked that it got tough and Leonsis and McPhee decided to go the Snyder-way. When the going gets tough don’t stand by your players and coach, take the easy way out. Leonsis says “despite what transpired on the ice”, umm you mean like the franchise record 7-0 start. Pulled the trigger too soon, plain and simple. We’ll get no farther than semis at best. Way to go guys, enjoy the wins during the season because you just set this franchise back about 4 or 5 years.

  2. Mike Rucki says:

    Sorry, Mr. Negative, but Bruce himself said it was time to go. We certainly don’t think BB is a bad coach, and if you’d actually read some of our posts you’d see that. But it wasn’t working with this team anymore (again, same thing GMGM and BB said). Nobody *wanted* it to get to the point that Bruce had to go, but it had — and you desperately casting blame on writers and fan-yahoos for the team’s decisions is a bit unrealistic.

    Those running the team realized it was time for a change. Now we all — players, fans, writers alike — throw our support behind the new coaches and hope they get this talented roster to play as they should.

  3. HBH WC says:

    I guess what leaves a bad taste in my mouth is a media outlet calling for an individual to lose his job. I believe OFB has been advocating BB’s firing for over a year an a half. Even though everyone knows his preferred coaching strategy is Katie bar the door fire wagon hockey, the majority of writers pointed to the defensive shortcomings of the team and at the urging of GMGM, the team changed it’s philosophy to that of a more defensive oriented team. BB coached that new philosophy and brought the team from being ranked 16th in GAA the previous year to 4th last year.
    Their goals for dropped from 1st to 19th! Unfortunately GMGM really didn’t build a team with that type of defensive philosophy in mind. Then there was the complaint (again by writers) of the country club atmosphere on the team. Everyone has to be accountable, BB has to get tougher, everyone said. So he did. He benched Ovie in OT and despite that got a win. He made Sasha a healthy scratch and he got a win. Now you write that in order to be successful, a coach can not be at odds with his superstars. Geez……..what do you writers want? Colin Cowherd from ESPN radio said that he would never call for the firing of a coach. He feels that is not the responsibility of sports writers although many have no problem doing it.
    It’s a free country so you can do/write whatever you want however, if it doesn’t work out, who gets to call you on the carpet? I believe your readers do. And when some of them do (especially if this grand experiment doesn’t work out), I believe you should just take it for what it is. But you won’t. You always have the last word and you will bring up something you said in the past that proves you were right. Anything you can do to pat yourself on the back. What we hardly ever see is writers bring up something in the past that they said that proves they were dead wrong.
    GMGM said it best (paraphrasing of course), If you knew so much about hockey, you would be in the business and not writing blogs about it on the internet.
    Lets “hope” this “grand experiment” begins to come to fruition soon because 2 shots on goal in the 3rd period of a game where you are down by one goal just isn’t going to cut it. You can’t have a strong forecheck if you can’t get the puck in your opponents defensive zone.
    Lets hope the building stays full and the majority of Red Rockers are Caps fans, unlike the way it used to be when Red Wing fans outnumbered Caps fans 2 to 1. That was when the away teams wore their colors and the home teams wore white. I’m sure you remember those days………I know I do. I’ve been there.

  4. @HBH Gabby’s Ducks waddled out to a 3-0 lead on the Flyers in the new coach’s debut then choked it away. But I’m not calling for his firing. Not yet.

    In point of fact, we gave Gabby a *great deal* of credit for his achievements here. Question: What do you make of Gabby agreeing with GMGM that his time had come in D.C? Is he a blogger on the side?

  5. HBH WC says:

    @P&B or should it be PB&J,
    1st; Why would you call for his firing in Anaheim? What would you care (unless you just don’t like the man).
    2nd; You kinda threw me a softball with your first statement; The Ducks are 3rd in the league in PMPG (The Caps on the other hand, despite Semin’s proclivity for lazy minor penalties, commit the 3rd least PMPG). The Phliers are the top scoring and one of the best teams in the league (believe me it pains me to admit that). No team is going to beat the aforementioned Phliers by giving them 11 power plays in one game. You can do the math on that one. BB can straighten that penalty thing out in Anaheim but it will take some time. He’s worked with Louis Robitaille in Hershey and in spite of him and his dumb penalties, he was able to win a Calder Cup. In case you didn’t know, Ducks captain Getzlaf took a minor for tripping and then said something real bad about Brian Pochmara’s mother and Pochmara thought he really needed to teach him a lesson by giving him another 2 minute minor for unsportsmanlike conduct in OT (instead of a 10) effectively giving the Phliers a 4 on 3 PP for the duration of the OT (I doubt Pochmara will be reffing any playoff games when the time comes). The captaincy is much less of an issue in Anaheim than it is in DC.

    The 3rd question is more of a toughie;
    BB is a good company man. He saw the writing on the wall and practically wrote his own epitaph when after his last game there, he stated that he doesn’t know how to coach heart (or something like that).

    I still firmly believe if the Caps didn’t change philosophies mid stream, they’d still be winning games and BB would still be the coach. I also think they would have a much better chance to be successful in the playoffs. This is the type of team GMGM put together.
    I could be wrong but percentage wise, they won more games that way.
    I personally hope you are right about all this. I’d love to see the Caps skate around with the Cup in June. They’d most probably bring it to Hershey like Colorado did when they won it. But right now Dale’s winning pct is .333. That does not bode well for making it to the playoffs but it’s still early….for him and them.

    Thanks for reading my post.

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