OFB TV: Huntsy Comes Home, and the Legacy of Gabby

Bloggers were very well represented on a historic day for the Washington Capitals out at Kettler, and we asked a few of our favorites to chime in with their thoughts on the ascension of a legend as head coach of the Caps, and what Bruce Boudreau’s four years here meant to hockey in our town. On Twitter you can follow Ted Starkey, Ed Frankovic, and Dave Nichols.

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1 Response to OFB TV: Huntsy Comes Home, and the Legacy of Gabby

  1. OvieTracker says:

    Boudreau didn’t stay unemployed very long. Tonight he was named coach of the Anaheim Ducks. The Ducks fired Randy Carlisle after the team defeated the Canadiens 4-1.


    The Ducks also relieved all their assistants of their duties and replaced all but one. I wonder if Boudreau will bring Bob Woods with him to Anaheim.

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