Eakin’s First Career Goal Helps Propel Caps Win: Caps 5 / Canes 1

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4 Responses to Eakin’s First Career Goal Helps Propel Caps Win: Caps 5 / Canes 1

  1. Valleycapsfan says:

    Just got back to the hotel after watching a near-perfect game. The Caps’ depth is just killing teams in the third period. Sweet first career NHL goal by Eakin right in front of us.

    The drive home will feel oh so much smoother after a game like this.

  2. Patrick says:

    A relentless four-line balanced attack wears an opponent down, and keeps the Caps rested for the next battle. RRREEEAALLLLYY liking it so far!!

  3. HBH WC says:

    I didn’t see much excitement from Sasha when Cody Eakin scored the goal. Usually your teammate digs the puck out of the net for you and hands you the puck. Sasha just stood there and then skated away.
    Do you think he was disappointed that he didn’t get a return pass from Eakin?
    I just thought it was a little weird. Not what I’m use to seeing from hockey players. BTW I’m a big Sasha fan.

  4. tracy stoline says:

    I thought the same thing about Semin’s neutral reaction to a fellow teammate’s first NHL goal. He looked poised at the doorstep, but his thunder got stolen by a new guy.

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