The Undefeated (Caps vs. Red Wings)

Ted Starkey and I highlight several key factors of the Capitals’ 7-1 win over the Detroit Red Wings in the OFB TV video below (thanks to Chris Gordon for filming), but here are a few extra notes before you watch:

— Out of the Capitals’ 7 goals, 2 came on the power play (the Capitals received 4 power plays total Saturday night), and both were scored by Mike Green. Dennis Wideman also got a point in the game, which means he’s scored in every regular season game so far this season. Ironically, other teams this season had averaged only 1.4 goals against Detroit, who had backup goalie Ty Conklin in net.

— Coach Bruce Boudreau still sounded a bit in awe of Detroit even after his team crushed them. That’s the respect winning a gazillion Stanley Cups and having one of the most pristine styles in the NHL will earn you.

–The Capitals were still outshot 33 to 25.

–Mathieu Perreault has the best plus/minus on the team right now at 6. He also scored two goals in Saturday’s game.

— A final observation: yes, the Capitals are undefeated this year. Yes, their last two wins have come against top-notch opponents. And, yes, this team can continue to get better. Tomas Vokoun still had a lot of work to do Saturday. Alex Ovechkin now has 7 points, but he’s due for a flurry of goals soon.

And now, enjoy the inaugural OFB TV video of the season (show mercy–we’re still working off the summer rust).

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6 Responses to The Undefeated (Caps vs. Red Wings)

  1. Sean says:

    None of this will matter, we could win 70 games and we’ll still promtly lose out by the second round of the playoffs. Just a good setup for another massive springtime choke. Enjoy it while it lasts Caps.

  2. Lets_go_Caps says:

    I don’t see how that type of mentality helps. The Caps rose to the challenge in a big way in this game. Surely, creating such a habit will pay dividends in the playoffs.

  3. Patrick says:

    Glass half empty? WOW!

  4. Sean says:

    Habits in the playoffs can be reviewed by looking at franchise playoff history successes and failures.
    2 “successes” and about 18 failures. I’ll believe we have an improved franchise in the spring when I see it with my own eyes. Until then, all this excitement is equivalent to the annual pre-season hype for another professional sports team in town that makes big waves in the offseason but disappoints again and again when the metal meets the meat.

  5. Patrick says:

    Smile, Sean, just a little! I find it ridiculous to look at records of teams of the past. There are new faces, fresh talent, and a new style to go with it. This is a new season, wipe your memory clear and enjoy the ride. These Caps are playing fast, aggressive hockey, the way we all want it to be. Let the future unveil itself with an open mind, leave the negative behind. Hockey is fun!

  6. RAWILL says:

    The problems the CAPS still have that will guarantee no Stanley Cup are the folowing: Players like Semin, Backstrom and Green who production flat lines during the playoffs. A bad choice of a captain (Ovey) who is not the type of guy that can get on the others players case and push them to do better but instead when the team is down during the game hogs the puck because he believes he’s the only one on the team that can score. That shows a captain that has no confidence in the rest of his team plus by trying to do it all it disrupts trying to score. Also an owner who at the deadline for trade purposes picks up players who screw with the chemistry that the team has all year long and while every sport analysts says are such great pickups they end up doing nothing for the team in the playoff and usually one of those players that is acquired gets injured anyways. And last but not least a coach who makes really bad decisions during the playoffs who in the seventh game of a series will sit out one of the top five faceoff winners of the league in order to play said acquire new players – as he did with Dave Steckel two years ago. Last year the big move was to change to a more defensive style because that’s what they needed to get through the playoffs as everyone was telling them. So they did it and it didn’t work for crap in the playoffs. What they need is players that give 110 percent all the time and I’m sorry there are alot of players on this team that don’t do that and until they find more players that do. The Cup is not in reach.

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