Yes, It’s Indeed Time To Grow Up

The sports section of today’s Washington Post print edition features a four-page preview pullout for the Capitals’ new season. The Post’s Katie Carrera examines the urgency of the moment for the organization in the section’s cover story, which is poignantly encapsulated with the headline ‘For These Young Guns, It’s Time to Grow Up.’ We couldn’t agree more.

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3 Responses to Yes, It’s Indeed Time To Grow Up

  1. penguin pete says:

    enjoy the start of the season guys.

    and now that sarah isn’t running for president, i can focus on my second biggest fear, the caps winning the cup!

    in my best mark messier voice, “let’s go boys…”

  2. George says:

    Glad hockey is back. I hope that the Caps can finally figure it out this year.

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