Capitalizing on Cribbage

Not all that long ago, I didn’t know what the heck cribbage was. Turns out, it’s a card game, with a whacky scoring system. According to its history, it’s long been a favorite pastime among mariners, which might explain its popularity up in coastal Nova Scotia, where my friends Mike and Marleen play it regularly. Wisely they spend much of July and all of August up in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, where bluejeans and sweatshirts are afternoon requirements. And as you can see, up in the land of Sidney, they take pains to make sure their puck allegiance is most well known.

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2 Responses to Capitalizing on Cribbage

  1. Cribbage is apparently a particular favorite with submarine crews. Adrienne and I play it now — and had never done so before M&M introduced us to it, which we appreciate still.

  2. Johnny Boychuk of the Boston Bruins is a huge cribbage player; I don’t know much about the Capitals, but apparently Boychuk always keeps a spare board in his travel bag. Cool stuff!

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