Not Everyone Can Live Off Ice Hockey

Here’s a terrific hockey-themed promotional video from the United Nations’ World Food Programme . . . clever ad for a good cause.


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3 Responses to Not Everyone Can Live Off Ice Hockey

  1. says:

    Very well done. An important message. I also appreciate the efforts of Right to Play. Food, education and play are an unbeatable aid combination. Economic development is also a great boon.

  2. Bruce says:

    There is a real crisis right now in the Horn of Africa due to this summer’s drought there. Unicef and others are working diligently to raise money for aid, as thousands are dying on a daily basis.

  3. Agreed, Puckbite. And yes, Bruce, things are tough all over, but the drought is causing another, horrible level of suffering. It’s seems overwhelming, but every little bit helps.

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