Ex-Cap Matt Bradley Goes on Air, Calls Out Caps Culture

Matt Bradley is now a Florida Panther, but yesterday he went on sports radio in Ottawa and reflected rather thoughtfully, and rather provocatively, on his time in Washington, and most especially with respect to reasons why the Caps may have come up short each and every spring. The nearly 20-minute interview on the Team 1200 can be listened to in its entirety via an upload on 1200’s Facebook page. (Be warned — if you attempt to access the segment via 1200’s web site, not only will you be directed to the Facebook page but you’ll first encounter a promotion for a Pierre McGuire podcast.)

Brads, it seemed to us, didn’t come across as a recently departed player with any axe to grind. Instead, he seemed comfortable and content with his new place of employment and sufficiently distanced from D.C. to bring reasonable objectivity to his reflections. In the middle of last season this blog  identified what it considered to be grave issues with the culture of the Washington Capitals organization, and on Tuesday Matt Bradley brought this concern to the fore of his reflections, beginning around the 8:30 mark of the segment. He was specifically asked by the program’s hosts why the Caps have been unable to break through in the playoffs.

  • Some of his teammates, Bradley said, “didn’t show up . . . I’ll leave them unnamed.”
  • “Our locker room was maybe a little too nonchalant, and guys weren’t disciplined the way they should have been.”
  • Brads also called into question the practice habits and culture of his former club — “Not being ready to practice, missing practice with questionable injuries.”
  • Alexander Semin, Brads claimed, “could easily be the best player in the league but for whatever reason just doesn’t care . . . You almost get the sense . . . he wants to be back in Russia.”

Our pal Ted Starkey was about 1,500 words into a new chapter for his new book thanks to this eye-opening radio appearance.

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14 Responses to Ex-Cap Matt Bradley Goes on Air, Calls Out Caps Culture

  1. Mark says:

    Fair points, but it will be interesting to see if he pays for these comments the first time the teams meet. I appreciate his honesty and candor.

  2. morgan says:

    Wonder what Uncle Ted thinks about them?

  3. Brads tossed in a thinly veiled shot at Ovi’s conditioning as well, and seeing as how he’ll almost certainly be checking Ovi’s line next season, that could add to this story’s intrigue.

  4. Greg says:

    The one part I found strange was Bradley’s issue with practice. I agree that practices are important( even late in the season). There are many reasons for this, but just to point out one as an example – the powerplay – how can you improve it and make changes if everyone involved isn’t present. Obviously, making changes and discussing it in meetings doesn’t work. I think the responsibilty for being at practice lies equally between the players, the players who are the leaders on this team, and the coaches. There should be very few excuses for not being there, and while morning skates might be optional, most practices shouldn’t be. The thing I find strange (I may be wrong about this) – didn’t Bradley defend OV’s missing practices when questioned by a reporter last year?

  5. puckbite.com says:

    I’m surprised he didn’t complain about the coaching. Judging by his HBO 24/7 performance, Boudreau strikes me as more of a confidence squasher than a motivator.

  6. Like the last commenter, I find myself souring a bit on Boudreau. I’m old enough to have enjoyed his tenacity and energy as a Leafs player and often felt constrained (days before
    “Comments” to bitch silently to myself that the Laffs were not getting the most from his goal-scoring ability. Nonetheless he remained for the majority of his career a minor-leaguer and most of his coaching, while extremely successful, has been in the minors. I still like the little guy, but his HBO rants demeaned himself and left us questioning his judgement. Fact of life — you can’t control yourself, knowing the camera is there and why — that’s not good sense.

  7. Spank That Donkey says:

    The coach is responsible for the locker room… seems there has been an issue there for multiple years? Bet he won’t last the next seven game losing streak this time.

  8. Agree with Spank…only problem is who to replace him with?

  9. matthew langley says:

    Dale Hunter?

  10. Andrew says:

    Bruce might be a good coach, might not be. I think he is out-coached each play-offs. he certainly was vs tampa. semin needs to go. he is injury prone and like bradley said ‘just doesn’t care’ he is also right in that Semin is probably the most skilled player, though he falls too much.

    Ovi should not be the captain. he is lazy and has become a spoiled super star. hard working guys, like halpern, knuble or BROOKS LAICH should be the captain. look a the HBO special: knuble got that team over the mid season hump. not the coast or ovi.

    you can’t strip him of the C withou firing the coach. do it soon and have the new coach PICK the captain.

  11. Bob says:

    The Caps are doomed to repeat this annual performance of flashy Eurotrash Ice Hockey in the regular season followed by out of control hacking and choking in the playoffs for a long time indeed, until substantial organizational culture changes arrive from the front office to the Zamboni driver. At the current rate, I would bet the farm that the Wizards will win the NBA championships before the Caps win Lord Stanley’s cup (because unlike the Caps, that franchise has actually won). If you can’t get past the Habs, Lightning, or the Pengoons, you’re not going to get close to the cup. Brads tells it like it is, we’ve got a small group of entitled stars that don’t practice and/or don’t care, and the guys that do care obviously can’t carry the team. I hope they are all building character right now, doing three-a-days at Kettler every day until they up-chuck at every practice, Herb Brooks style. We are going to need some magic this coming season to have any hope of breaking the vicious post season cycle.

  12. Z Guy says:

    I can’t believe anyone would take what happens in the locker room out in social media. Makes me sick. Hopefully someone on FLA fights Bradley. Cool blog. Linked here from http://www.thenewspeakeasy.com

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