The Sport’s Bible Calls It for the Caps in 2011-12

The Hockey News predicts a Capitals’ Stanley Cup victory at the conclusion of the 2011-12 season, two leading hockey media voices today informed via Twitter. Kiss of death?

Meanwhile, should this prognosticating actually come true, take a look — if you dare — at how our friend Peerless says he’ll acknowledge the feat.

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4 Responses to The Sport’s Bible Calls It for the Caps in 2011-12

  1. sean says:

    Thanks THN, I really needed this before the season even started.

  2. Dark Stranger says:

    Let’s hope that the TSN pre-season prediction is not akin to the Sports Illustrated cover jinx.

    Fingers crossed, in any case.

  3. morgan says:

    It’s a Canadian publication, maybe they are trying to jinx the Caps, which is an American team. Are witchdoctors sticking pins in Ovi dolls next?

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