Standing Up to Rock the Red

Remember in March when the Capitals announced that they were selling Standing Room Only (SRO) season tickets for next season? Well, I know someone who actually bought some.

Kathryn is a married mother of two who has grown to love hockey over the past several years. Our husbands have season tickets together on the 400 level, and periodically Kathryn is able to use the tickets, but not as often as she’d like. I asked her why she decided to buy two (!) SRO season tickets. “I feel like I don’t have the opportunity to go to as many games as I would like to during the season and even more so during the playoffs,” she explained. “If I am able to go, I would also like the opportunity once in a while to ‘sit’ in a lower section than the 400s where I would typically be sitting. This also gives me the opportunity to get my foot in the door as a season ticket holder and possibly change my seats next year if I choose to do so.”

Fair enough. Having season ticket holder status is a good thing, as evidenced by all the perks that come with it. But will she use her SRO tickets that much during the season? “I would like to use them as much as I can, but I would estimate that I will probably go to about 25% of the regular season home games.” Kathryn plans to sell her tickets if she can’t go; she was able to sell her Round 2 playoff tickets since she couldn’t attend.

I asked if Kathryn thought she could physically handle standing for the whole game; I know I’d get tired after three periods and potential overtime. “Yes, I think I can handle it,” she responded. ” The people who used the ‘seats’ during Round 2 said that it does get somewhat tiring, but overall it wasn’t too bad. One of them told me that they actually sat down in between periods and that was good enough for them!” She promised to take me to a game next season so I could check it out.

Initially I thought she was crazy, but now I understand. This is someone who enjoys hockey so much that she’s willing to pay good money to sacrifice her own personal comfort just to be in the arena. Is that a sign of a hockey town or what?

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4 Responses to Standing Up to Rock the Red

  1. Alex says:

    I think you’d get tired of standing if you tried to go to all 41 home games and stand through all of them. But to only go to 25% (10), that’s more manageable especially if they’re not consecutive games. The risk here is that if she has a hard time selling SROs for the less popular games, (and let’s be honest, who is going to buy a $60 or $50 SRO ticket if anything else is available?) in the end she may end up spending $5,000+ for two SRO tix to 10 games. It’s a gamble, but that’s her call if it’s worth it.
    Make no mistake, just like the Acela Club ledge seating, this is one more way that Uncle Ted is using to squeeze more $ out of the fan base. These tix are an awful investment for a fan, but for the price of painting a few lines on concrete, Uncle Ted can bring in tens of thou$and$ more. It’s moves like this, along with the crazy increase in ticket prices year to year that has me concerned that Uncle Ted’s more concerned with squeezing every last penny out of the fan base than he is about winning.
    I hope it works out for Kathryn, and that she has some comfortable shoes!

  2. Tre Kronor says:

    Where’s the real hockey chatter on this supposed ice hockey blog? Draft tomorrow, Flyers are dealing, GMGM and Ted are doing nothing as usual, Bruins win Cup and Washington Post puts news below the fold on the sports page opting instead for lawn mowers at Congressional (showing once again that DC ain’t no hockey town), BB remains – so much to blog about but no hockey talk here.

  3. Greg G says:

    @ Tre Kroner, If you don’t think this is a hockey blog, you don’t know hockey. I’m guessing they have lives outside of a do-it-for-fun blog. It’s a time of year when most hockey fans pause to take a breath, particularly with the Caps having no high picks (heck, none in the first round after the trade) making for a meh draft.

    Fortunately it sounds like you’ve got enough Post- and management- focused negativity to carry yourself through while fans and writers with lives take a breather.

  4. Peter R says:

    Those “seats” are directly below my seats and have the exact same view of the game. I often wonder which the Caps fan is more crazy; the one paying $80 to stand or the one paying about $100 more a game for the same view.

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