Live on Letterman – Neal Peart

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4 Responses to Live on Letterman – Neal Peart

  1. Rick says:

    He is the best of all time!

  2. morgan says:

    I’ll take Louie Bellson over him.

  3. TomG says:

    Rick’s right. Louie Bellson was great, flashy. He and Buddy Rich (and of course Gene Krupa) made drumming what it is today. I think Neal would have been a great big band drummer, though. The guy’s wicked smart. And don’t forget Ed Cassidy, the original drummer for Spirit. When he joined up with them in ’67 or ’68 (I think) – at about age 40! – he was known as a jazz drummer. He’s still alive, I think. He was the visual focus for Spirit in the late ’60s – the bald head that only he and Yul Brynner had in those days.

  4. morgan says:

    A preference contest on a hockey blog for a non-hockey event–a drummer–is a bit strange, but to each his own.

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