Miracle Medal Up For Auction

Want to own a piece of the Miracle on Ice? Well, if you have a pile of cash and an appreciation for Schadenfreude, you can own the Silver Medal awarded to Vladimir Myshkin, the Soviet netminder who relieved Vladislav Tretiak in the biggest upset in hockey history.

Due to the tournament format at the 1980 Olympics, the Russians did not play for Bronze after their loss to the U.S., but instead pummeled Sweden and earned the Silver. And the medal placed around the neck of the netminder who allowed the winning goal is now up for auction.

This symbol of the United States toppling the Soviet Goliath can be yours for only… well, we don’t know how much yet, as the auction is still ongoing. But bidding is around $11k thus far, so hey, sell that car and check it out here.

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4 Responses to Miracle Medal Up For Auction

  1. Doug L. says:

    Remember when Moscow Dynamo played the Caps in DC? Myshkin was in net, I believe, and the Caps wore red at home that night. I took some decent photos of the game. The negatives are buried someplace in my closet…

  2. Doug, if you ever find those negatives and/or prints, let me know!

  3. Doug L. says:

    Mike, I’ll look for them. I was an amateur photographer in high school then, and I took pictures at Caps games whenever I could.

  4. TG says:

    That’s the thing everyone seems to forget. That the US could have beaten the Russians and still ended up with a bronze medal.

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