Hockey Town? Oh Yes

Reuters’ Jason Reed snapped this photo last night of the President in the moments surrounding his address to the nation. It’s lodged on the Atlantic’s web site and understandably is being distributed rather widely among Caps’ tweeps today. There was a great deal of red-clad celebrants outside the White House last night. There was also red inside it.

photo by Reuters/Jason Reed

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5 Responses to Hockey Town? Oh Yes

  1. Javier says:

    I check your blog every day. I enjoy it, I think most of the times you call it like it is.
    I have to say though, why hasn’t anybody talked about probably one of the biggest “issues” that this team has. The lack of leadership by its captain.
    It’s playoff hockey and you see Alex Ovechkin passively skating through opponents, not back checking anybody and trying the same tricks again and again (and they don’t work) when he has the puck.
    Why hasn’t anybody in the media acknowledged this? Why are we not holding the captain somewhat responsible for being down 2-0?
    It’s very frustrated to watch Ovechkin get the ice time he gets when there are other players who seem they want it more and play harder…

  2. DCPensFans says:

    That’s super cool.

  3. DONNAB says:

    Hey Javier, I could not agree with you more!!! Also, could anyone answer why they insist on keeping him on the blueline during the PP. I think last night tho, they did change it up a little. Any word on when Wideman will be back?? What the Caps need right now is what Javier wrote…leadership from the captain and also the D actually playing D..Unfortunatley it seems like The Caps don’t get those lucky bounces, so they are going to have to play with alot more passion and determination than they have these last 2 games. They are my favorite team, but it is frustrating to see the leader not do his job. I do NOT think this series is close to being over as long as we see passion and determination from the Caps

  4. OvieTracker says:

    *Sigh* I’ve been very very reluctant to bring up this touchy subject, but thank you JAVIER for saying what must be said. The Caps not only need LEADERSHIP, they need DISCIPLINE and PATIENCE which, unfortunately, Ovie hasn’t shown much of this playoff season. He wears the Captain’s C, so the onus is on him to figure out what he needs to do to get his act together.

    It also would help if Coach Boudreau held him accountable, but no way he does that. Boudreau is a “players’ coach” and by that it means he plays favorites and Ovie is at the top of the list of coddled players. It’s time for BB to stop giving Ovie what he wants (too long shifts?) and gets through to him that he must be more responsible and make decisions that benefit the team and not just his own ego. It means making sacrifices for the good of the team and not being selfish.

    And DONNAB, I don’t understand why Ovie is on the point on the power play either. It worked last year during the regular season, but not against the Canadiens in the playoffs. When BB played Ovie on the point this season, the PP sputtered. Why does he insist on doing what isn’t working anymore? This sort of hubris at insisting on repeating the same action hoping for a different outcome is flat out crazy.

  5. Sean says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you all around here, but I’m girding my loins for another massive loss in this wanna be Hockey Town. Cause that is all this franchise is ever going to get this town, a wanna-be status.

    Tonight is basically it for this team, either they win this one and keep TB from getting the 3rd win for one more night, or they lose and basically give up for the post season.

    I’m not getting my hopes up tonight either, this team looks like their Stanley Cup finals was in the first round against the NYR. As much as I hate to say it, TB in 5 games.

    So much for ‘Building America’s Hockey Capital’, more like “Continuing America’s Hockey Laughing stock.”

    Good luck Caps, you’re going to need it tonight.

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