A Special Night’s Imagery in Old Media

A tale of two much different looking front pages for big dailies on Thursday, with the Washington Post offering a rare but much welcomed exhibit of Capitals’ playoff triumph above the fold, in glorious color, while the New York Daily News wallowed in its city’s hockey heartache and agony.

The Post’s Metro section on Thursday also brought more fun for the region’s hockey fans — word of one local family’s longstanding allegiance to the Burgundy and Gold shifting dramatically to the Red of Chinatown.

Columnist Robert McCartney’s account of the Bethesda, Md., Krogh family is must-read material for Capitals’ supporters, especially the local and long suffering who’ve endured decades of Redskin overkill here.

The Kroghs, McCartney reports, have had Redskins’ season tickets for more than 40 years, but starting next season they’re abandoning the Danny and embracing Ted’s troops. Especially telling about the respective reversal of fortunes for the two teams, according to the Krogh family: if they have extra Capitals tickets they have no problem recruiting takers for them, but they can’t give away their Skins’ seats. “While I can’t seem to get clients to go with me to a Redskins game, I can get them to go to a Caps game, no problem,” a Krogh told McCartney.

Then the family cites a litany of good reasons for the increasingly widespread Deadskins’ dissatisfaction — the need to devote the entirety of Sundays getting to, enduring, and returning from the games, feeling ripped off at every concession inside the stadium, and being surrounded by “falling down drunks” each Sunday. Well who wouldn’t want to endure such conditions, and at the cost of a moderate mortgage?

McCartney wonders how many other longtime Skins’ ticket holders have made such a dramatic switch of allegiance. It’s an intriguing question.

“By traditional standards, for a longtime Washington area family like the Kroghs, this is heresy. Sacrilege. An abomination,” McCartney writes.

It’s also a sign of the times.

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2 Responses to A Special Night’s Imagery in Old Media

  1. ValleyCapsFan says:

    LOVED that article in Thursday’s Post!!! I’ve lived in or near the DC area for over 40 years and I never thought I’d live to see the day where Caps tickets were a tougher “get” than those of the ‘skins. Goes to show how important leadership is at the top of an organization. As was pointed out in the article, the Redskins are truly hard to root for.
    The worst news for Redskin fans is that they may be only a third of the way through a half-century of poor-to-mediocre teams. Danny boy is still only in his mid-forties, and has shown no signs of learning from past mistakes (particularly in terms of fan relations). He might be the Redskins owner for another 30 years!

    Every fan’s worst nightmare: the most inept member of the organization is the one that can’t be fired.

  2. scott lowe says:

    How ironic. We have had Redskins’ season tickets in my family since RFK opened. Each year of the Snyder regime has made me angrier and feeling more ripped off. I’ve been a diehard Skins fan all my life (41 years) and a Caps fan since attending my first game in 1974. Well, this is the year I think I am giving up our Skins tix, too – for all the same reasons. My son and I have attended sporting events together since he was 4 or 5 years old. He’s 12 now. Every year I let him go to one Monday Night or Sunday Night football game. Last year he chose the Eagles for obvious reasons. Wearing his McNabb jersey he was treated to 500 drunken Eagles fans carrying a coffin and yelling f-McNabb, among other obscenities. Then, while walking through the parking lot we were treated to the sightof a college-age woman peeing between cars. Then, once inside, we were surrounded by drunken fans of both teams shouting one obscenity after another – including a group of Redskins’ fans calling female Eagles’ fans “Eagles Sluts.” I complained to an usher during the first quarter and he looked at me and said, “What do you want me to do. The game’s over anyway.” I filed a formal complaint with the team and was promised I’d get a phone call. Never did. Last straw. Caps, for all of their postseason ghosts and heartache, are lovable and provide exciting, family entertainment. There’s no comparison.

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