NBC’s Consortium of Hockey Prognostications

WRC-NBC 4 put together a fun project for the Caps-Rangers series, soliciting the prognostications of a wide array of local hockey voices, with a commendably heavy emphasis on new media voices locally. The blog roll of participants included many of our favorites — Ted Starkey, JP from Japer’s Rink, Dave Nichols, Ed Frankovic, Adam Vingan from Kings of Leonsis, and Angie Lewis from the Hockey Writers. We chimed in for good measure. And how do you like this — asked what might be the series’ ‘X factor,’ we said, ‘Can Jason Arnott and Alexander Semin re-establish the productive chemistry they showed together before injuries disrupted?’

: )

You ought to follow this link to the file and survey how common a common prediction for series length there is among the amassed voices. And perhaps leave a comment of appreciation for NBC for pursuing the fun filing. We love participating in these collaborative projects, especially at this time of year.


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