#41: Caps 5 / Cats 2

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  1. OvieTracker says:

    Mighty fine way for the Caps to end their home regular season schedule, with only one more road game in Florida on Saturday. I have to say I’m pumped for the playoffs, and feeling good about the Caps chances but for a completely different reason than last year. Last year they were dominant in the regular season, and I really though they would parley the Presidents’ Trophy into a Stanley Cup championship. They didn’t come close. This year I was frustrated and bewildered by their regular season woes, then looked on in awe as they got it together to to take the top spot in the East. I really believe this year they will parley their struggles and overcoming adversity into a more playoff ready attitude and take it all this time around. Winning the Cup will be so much sweeter after last year’s playoff disappointment and this year’s struggles, not to mention injuries, in the regular season.

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