Killer’s Kids in Caps’ Swag

I’ve long imagined that the daughters of former Cap Kevin ‘Killer’ Kaminski have ever enjoyed a great deal of courtesy and respect from the boys at school — were it otherwise, they could simply tell their antagonists, ‘My dad’s a Killer, and we’ve fight tapes back home to prove it.’ Speaking of those fight tapes, Killer does have them and he likes to joke that when a young man comes to the Kaminski home for an evening social engagement with one of his daughters, he likes to pop a tape from his combative past into the media player (with a big smile) for the lad’s viewing pleasure. The girls tend to be delivered home on time (early, actually).

I’ve been hearing a lot from Killer since he left town last month after his first visit back to D.C. since he ended his playing days with the Caps. He was thrilled by witnessing two dramatic Caps’ victories on his visit, and his engagements with local media and fans. He especially appreciated the video tribute the Caps put together for him during the Backhawks game. He returned home from his visit with some team swag for his girls, and they’re proudly wearing it to school as the playoffs near.

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1 Response to Killer’s Kids in Caps’ Swag

  1. Ryan says:

    Those don’t look like kids to me.

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