OFB TV: Catching Up With a Killer

The Washington, D.C. area was lucky enough to have Kevin “Killer” Kaminski attend a few Caps games over the weekend. We at OFB were even luckier and got a chance to talk with him after Sunday’s game against the Blackhawks. Tara Wheeler got the honor to ask him about his NHL playing career, what his most memorable highlight was and whether or not today’s hockey players are as tough as the ones from his era. Check out the video to hear these answers and more.

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2 Responses to OFB TV: Catching Up With a Killer

  1. topshelf_22304 says:

    If there was a Caps all-time team for playing with the most heart, The Killer would definitely be up there with Dale Hunter, Steve Kono and Kelly Miller.

  2. Blaine Boutilier says:

    I remember meeting Killer back in his AHL days in Halifax. Got another chance to meet him when the caps and panthers played here in an exhibition game when I was young. Used to write letters to him as a youngster and always received hand written letters back along with some photo’s etc. To this day the picture of Killer after a scrap with Antonski vs philly the night of the mentioned goal on hextal still hangs in my room. “Hard work pays off! Best Always! Killer #23” what a beauty.

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