Beat Dat Beat: Caps 4 / Hawks 3 – OT

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5 Responses to Beat Dat Beat: Caps 4 / Hawks 3 – OT

  1. kelly Chuba says:

    I’m starting to get my hopes up….I also can’t believe how well Braden is doing! While we miss him in Hershey; he’s rocking the RED!

  2. Dougeb says:

    While Holtby was still pretty good, he wasn’t nearly as sharp as the previous 3 starts. We are truly blessed with young talent in the crease.

    In all honesty, the best scenario (my opinion) would be for Varly to get healthy and have Holtby lead Hershey in their “three-peat” request.

  3. HITTMAN says:

    Arturs will have Holtby hugging that right post in practice, you can be sure. Our boys looked damn good though, I must say, dominating most of the game against a team that many are saying has the stuff to repeat as champs after their own winning streak.

  4. naafyekcoh says:

    Holtby named one of the NHL NHL’s ‘Three Stars’ for the week ending Mar. 13.

    As the Caps role into the playoffs, Neuvirth should be #1 with Varly as backup. Due to Varly’s injury don’t know if he’ll have enough playing time to get into a groove. Holtby is one year away. His play has been outstanding, but let him get some playoff time in Hershey first.

  5. Danny Neckel says:

    I’m a little wary of this winning streak. Six games were at home against teams with a combined winning percentage of .438 and only 2 were playoff teams. Meanwhile the next six games are all on the road against teams that have a combined .521 percentage and four of the six are playoff teams. Same thing happened last year when they won 14 in a row, only to lose the next three on the road against better competition.

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