Trade Deadline Day on 106.7 the Fan

We’ve been fortunate to be a part of some terrifically fun big media projects here over the past few years, but this past Monday night may have delivered the most fun to date. We were invited to join a gaggle of Capitals bloggers by Sky Kerstein of 106.7 the Fan for two full hours of trade deadline post mortem chatter. Hockey bloggers, stationed in front of microphones for hours, and asked to do nothing but talk hockey? No heavy lift there. Sky brought in Ted Starkey of the Washington Times, Ed Frankovic from Baltimore WNST, Dave Nichols from the Capitals News Network, and our own John Keeley. Monday was an exciting day for the Capitals and their fans, and two hours of uninterrupted radio to chronicle it was ideal. Heck, we could have talked puck for four hours and not exhausted angles of intrigue for the new-look Caps.

Credit must be given to 106.7 again for its commitment to covering the Caps and hockey as no one else in the broadcast medium in this town does. This may well be a format we see more of from Sky and 106.7 going forward. We’ve suggested to Sky that the offseason, when puckheads here are starved for fun and engaging coverage of the Caps, could be ripe for developing this program as a standout summer offering, and as there is anything but a shortage of quality new media voices covering the Caps in D.C., Sky’s podcast could be a welcome mat for them all. We’ll keep you posted as to how this new and fun offering develops.


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