Arnott Acquired for Steckel and a 2nd

[3:36pm] Bob McKenzie reports Arnott for Steckel and a 2nd round pick. Probably in 2012.

[3:13pm] LeBrun Confirms

[3:07pm] Have the Capitals acquired Jason Arnott from the Devils? Early word is Steckel is a Devil.

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6 Responses to Arnott Acquired for Steckel and a 2nd

  1. Geo says:

    It’s a year old, but there’s a You Tube “Arnott Highlights” video:

    I’m sure we’ll miss Steckel’s faceoff prowess, but Arnott brings a ton of playoff experience, and if he can even get close to his better offensive seasons (2005-2008) playing with our guys, it’ll be a real offensive upgrade imho. 🙂

    I would suspect Gordon and Backy (even with the fractured thumb) would usually get key late-game/late-period face-offs now, right?.

  2. Philip Schneider says:

    Actually, Arnott is quite good on the draw. 51.3% No close to Stecks of course, but he brings much more on O and D end.

  3. Dave R says:

    Arnott was looking to move. So said the rumor mill from around New Jersey.

    So given that the Caps were not the only team looking to make a move at center, Arnott coming to Washington is a pretty big coup. I remember him more as the Devil he was earlier in his career than the Devil he had been this year, but coming over from New Jersey should be a good thing.

    Not only does he clearly have one thing in mind, he’s clearly got the know-how about how to go about helping the team do it. No one can question Steckel’s work ethic (and faceoff win percentage) but I’d argue Arnott is just as much of a worker with even more _standing_, more rep earned from his years in the league.

    So since we’ve got over a month left in the regular season, let the debate begin: will the Arnott pickup be the boost to the club that Federov was three years ago?

  4. OrderedChaos says:

    @ DAVE: Agreed regarding Arnott possibly being a parallel to Fedorov. After all, Feds was sucking wind and looking washed up in Columbus, then found new life in DC. I hope Arnott does the same.

    I’m sad to see Stecks go, but this trade is a good move for the Caps.

  5. OvieTracker says:

    The question for me is, will Arnott help the Caps go farther in the playoffs than Feds was able to do? Also, Feds was rejuvenated by playing with more Russians on the Caps. Arnott will have to be motivated by something else, and hopefully it’s to bring his Stanley Cup winning presence to the Caps dressing room to duplicate this experience one more time.

  6. DarkStranger44 says:

    @Ovietracker, Let’s hope Arnott is motivated by something. If nothing else, the Caps have a better chance of playoff success than the Devils, who likely aren’t making the playoffs since they had such a horrific start this season. So that should help out. He most recent years have been with Nashville, who keeps losing in Round 1 every year. I’m sure he’d like to get further than that since it’s been a while since he’s held the Cup.

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