Caps Claim And Waive A King?

Sturm claimed?

Update: Yep. Confirmed. The natural left winger was claimed today by the Capitals. Read into it what you will.

Meanwhile, D.J. King has been waived.

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6 Responses to Caps Claim And Waive A King?

  1. turquoise_donkey says:

    So… why? Are we going to see a particular LW go to obtain a decent 2C?

  2. donnab says:

    someone please explain what that means for the Capitals please??? The Rangers acquired McCabe. Not that I think the Capitals should have picked him up, but it seems like teams in the east are doing things to get better. What are the Caps going to do??

  3. turquoise_donkey says:

    get swept out of the first round

  4. beeman says:

    I hope GMGM surprises us in the next days.

  5. What this means is the Caps got some quality rental depth without having to give up any players or picks.

    Not sure paying a high price for a rental or two is what is needed this year. Last year was probably the time for that.

  6. DONNAB says:

    thanks for your reply Gary. I have to agree with your comment on last year being the time for that. Let’s see what they do against The Islanders now.

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