OFB TV: The Worst of a Discouraging Season?

John, Tara, and special guest Dan Schutte of CBS TV 19 in Charlottesville, Va., discuss the Caps’ dismal 4-1 loss to Los Angeles Kings on Saturday. John called it the “perhaps the worst loss at home of the year.” The reaction of another sold-out Verizon Center throng in yesterday’s third period seemed to suggest that they agreed.

For a more inspired effort from passionate hockey players, check out Dan vs. Tara from a recent ‘Make Dan Sweat’ shootout showdown, featuring a fun cameo from JoeB and Craig.

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1 Response to OFB TV: The Worst of a Discouraging Season?

  1. OvieTracker says:

    Last season, the Caps could Unleash the Fury; this season, unfortunately, the best they could muster is Unleash the Dreary.

    This next road trip could very well define this season for the Caps one way or another.

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