Some Call It God’s Tears, and Soon They’re Falling Upon Us

We figured that you needed some good news today, and we’re here to deliver the best . . . in the history of humanity.  The greatest beer on planet Earth (that we’ve ever consumed) soon, at long last, will be exported from its home in the Great White North to the lower 48. This from the Alexander Keith’s web site (you need to be 21 to access it) (or a resolute fibber):

“Since Alexander Keith first began brewing in 1820, Alexander Keith’s Fine Beers have grown from a local brew only available in Nova Scotia to become a national favourite across Canada. For over 180 years, our Brewmasters have brewed exceptional quality beer that all Canadians can be proud of. This pride of Nova Scotia has something else to celebrate today.

“For years, fans in the U.S. have asked for Keith’s and now we are proud to announce that we are introducing Alexander Keith’s Fine Beers to our neighbours south of the border!

“Beginning this spring, Alexander Keith’s Fine Beers will be available to our American neighbours, but not until Mr. Keith’s time-honoured practices for ensuring quality and taste are upheld through our rigourous brewery accreditation process. Follow along on this blog as Brewmaster Emeritus Graham Kendall passes along Alexander Keith’s proud heritage to Brewmasters Nick Mills and Rebecca Reid as they accredit the Baldwinsville, NY brewery to brew Alexander Keith’s Fine Beers.

You have to imagine that larger American markets would be among the first to be blessed with the imported liquid bliss. What if the Caps go on a great springtime run, and what if we can toast to the success then with God’s tears? Has ever our northerly neighbour treated us with as much warmth and love?

(In our collective excitement we’re even adopting silly Canadian spelling today.)

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18 Responses to Some Call It God’s Tears, and Soon They’re Falling Upon Us

  1. GMann says:

    I’ve yet to try it, and can’t wait to get a case soon!

  2. GW Dawgs says:

    This is the greatest thing in a very long time!

  3. It’s better than Saturday morning puppy kisses or California convertible driving with Jessica Alba.

  4. lisa hillary says:

    Oh yes .. I can attest it is the VERY best 🙂 Well done JK … well done

  5. NS2NOVA says:

    And to think, I took it for granted all those years growing up, thinking of it as just another pedestrian ale. Since moving south of the border, and only being able to get it when I go home, I’ve come to appreciate it so much more.

  6. Patrick says:

    A very dangerous proposition this. I am ok with this as long as this will not effect the supply here in Canada. I fear that a shortage may occur which would naturally cause a great riff to form between our countries. I personally would have to take up arms if it comes down to protecting our stocks.
    Be careful, respectful and frugal with every frosty treasure. This is not the refreshment you share with just anyone, especially not your sister-in-law that passes gas at the kitchen table during Christmas supper.

  7. Patrick says:

    In hindsight I believe that a decision of this magnitude should have gone through parliament, this may cause political unrest.

  8. Patrick, they will be brewing via an Anheuser-Busch brewery in Baldwinsville, NY.

    Your supplies are safe.

  9. Patrick says:

    I will be able to sleep tonight after all.
    Enjoy my freinds, Enjoy!
    Now, my beloved Capitals, bring home Lord Stanley’s chalice and let us celebrate together!!

  10. NS2NOVA says:

    Forgot to add, that you only have to claim to be 19, as the legal drinking age in most of Canada is 19. Quebec is 18.

  11. I love the notion that ever-warless Canada might have taken up arms at last over the excessive export of its best ale. That is worth fighting over!

  12. pepper says:

    Hmm, Baldwinsville is but a 5-hour drive away from NYC.

  13. Mike Rucki says:

    Pepper, I like the way you think. The brewery tour in Halifax was great fun.

  14. Doesn’t look like the brewery in Baldwinsville would be worth visiting. Not like that gem in Halifax.

  15. kelly Chuba says:

    now I want beer for breakfast

  16. NS2NOVA says:

    Only problem I can foresee is that the taste may not be quite the same, as the water makes a bit of a difference. When they started brewing Keith’s in New Brunswick for the NB market back in the 80’s you could taste the difference in water sources used in the brewing process. Spending the formative years of your drinking career (legal or otherwise) drinking Halifax brewed Keith’s then spending a summer in New Brunswick you could definitely tell. But overall, it was still Keith’s.

  17. donnab says:

    go caps…raise your glass of that beer…woohoo

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