Snowed Out from a Sour Message

Funny story: about two weeks ago I got a fresh request to appear on 106.7 the Fan’s ‘Overtime‘ evening program, but I fielded the request while in one of the few Bethesda, Md., commercial properties with power that night (a bar); we’d just been snow-blasted by Mother Nature. My home — Pepco-powered — was of course without power, and at that moment I had handhelds with precious little charge in them. So I had to beg out of the gig, which was painful, cause I love going on radio with local sports radio guys who love hockey. Turns out to have been a fortuitous intervention by Old Man Winter; the message I would have delivered to my radio chum Danny Rouhier that night would have been much different from that which I delivered last night on the program: maybe, just maybe, the good times are beginning to roll here out on the ice.

Couple of minutes of Nats chatter at the start of this audio link, then we get to hockey systems, potential trades, the precocious play of John Carlson and Karl Alzner, and the return of Alex Semin.

OFB on 106.7 the Fan with Danny Rouhier and Grant Paulson, 2/8/11

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1 Response to Snowed Out from a Sour Message

  1. HITTMAN says:

    All I can say after last night is that Semin’s goal should have counted, we miss Green’s first pass and quarterbacking out of the zone, and this goalie battle for #1 keeps getting more and more interesting by the game.

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