Aiding the Cause of Free Speech

illustration by Brooke Hatfield

Leadership at the Washington City Paper has unveiled a legal defense fund for its hero-journalist Dave McKenna. McKenna, you almost certainly know by now, crafted a sumptuous survey of Redskins’ owner Dan Snyder’s malfeasance and bullying tactics over the past 12 years. This defense fund, City Paper editors note, is part symbolism, part practical solicitation. “This is about showing Snyder you support our right—and anyone’s right—to write the truth about him, or any powerful public figure, even if it’s not flattering,” editors there wrote earlier today.

Dan Snyder is stupidly lawyering up in this matter (loved his “the lawyers are making me” do this rationale during his embarrassing media tour of yesterday), so the alternative Paper of modest means must have the means to defend itself.

(If you haven’t yet seen the eviscerating commentary from WUSA-TV sportscaster Brett Haber on this matter, you should.)

Every member of the OFB team will be contributing to the fund. If you’ve left a sympathetic or supportive comment here or elsewhere for McKenna — for free speech — please try and make at least a modest symbolic donation to the fund. Donations via Paypal can be addressed to

When victory against Snyder in this matter is secured — and it will be — we’ll throw a big party at some bar downtown. We can all wear little devil’s horns atop our heads to it.

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2 Responses to Aiding the Cause of Free Speech

  1. Nate Hewitt says:

    I hope Brooke Hatfield is a pen name, that image is a lawsuit waiting to happen!

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