Endless Skating

‘Endless Summer’ is the title of a relatively memorable American surfing culture flick from the mid-1960s. A feature-length film premised on the video below might be aptly titled ‘Endless Skating.’ A tip of the touque to our pals Andrew and Tommy, makers of the documentary ‘Pond Hockey,’ for alerting us to this spectacular video shot recently in Whistler, British Columbia. These perfect skating conditions were created by a thawing rain followed by a hard freeze — or kinda just what we experienced in D.C. this week leading up to a forecast for a frigid weekend.

Be sure to click the “full screen” button to the right of the HD button on the video.

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8 Responses to Endless Skating

  1. Chubbs says:

    Jealousy is thy name!

    Playing hockey on that frozen lake would sure make for some long breakaways though.

  2. I’m with you on the jealousy aspect, CHUBBS. Making matters worse, our videographer here likely followed his extended skate with a warming of the feet indoors in the company of a fine Canadian ale.

  3. Luc Comeau says:

    breathtaking. you guys just get the spirit behind the game.

    our community outdoor rink just opened!


  4. Jeff says:

    Reminds me of games from my youth on frozen farmers’ fields where a breakaway could last up to 15 minutes.

  5. Ben Sumner says:

    Bonus points to them for using the soundtrack of Gladiator, the track “Elysium.”

  6. Gary says:

    Shazam says that it is “Now We Are Free” from the Gladiator soundtrack.
    Subtle difference from “Elysium“.

    Either way, a beautiful pairing of sight and sound.

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