Back Behind Enemy Lines

I will never not root for a nuclear holocaust to strike Philadelphia first among American cities (Pittsburgh a close second), and especially all of these arenas and stadiums new and old that populate south Philly on a single, blighted looking industrial property, but I must credit the Flyers’ organization for being supportive of out-of-town hockey bloggers. I am in Philly tonight seated up high alongside WNST’s Ed Frankovic, 106.7 the Fan’s Sky Kerstein, and the Washington Times’ Ted Starkey for tonight’s Caps-Flyers tilt. This is my first-ever visit to the City that boos Santa for a hockey game. The goal is make it out of here with two points and back into the roadtrip car headed home unscathed.

The blogger's view from the whatever financial institution's name of the month arena, home to the Flyers

Perhaps the most beautiful view ever of the old Spectrum -- under destruction

I'm thinking of having this photo enlarged to poster-size and framed for my home

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9 Responses to Back Behind Enemy Lines

  1. kelly Chuba says:

    I have horror stories of being in that venue wearing a Caps Jersey

  2. Scott in Shaw says:

    “I will never not root for a nuclear holocaust to strike Philadelphia…”

    You stay classy, OFB.

  3. That is terrible and hilarious at the same time. A true Caps fan.


    At Least being at game you dont have to hear Flyers TV announcers.

  5. Ethan says:

    LETS GO FLYERS! Great pics, what a mess, I remember when I got home and turned on the tv to watch the wrecking ball! BLEED ORANGE AND BLACK SINCE 1967! (well not really that old) BEAT THE CAPS!

  6. Mark says:

    Lots of history in that building.Teams where a bit erie going in there in the early 70s.We all know why.If you were not a tough team you were going to get hammered.

  7. OvieTracker says:

    Yes it is both terrible and hilarious simultaneously. Bring on more Pennsylvania hate!

  8. Eric says:

    Silly Caps fans, all you have is your hate. You people are even bigger frauds than Pens fans. Enjoy choking in the playoffs every year.

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