The Capital from The Guardian Project

The Guardian Project released their latest superhero today, “The Capital”. What do you think?

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10 Responses to The Capital from The Guardian Project

  1. Grooven says:

    Some of those characters are pretty bad-ass. And some, not so much. I kinda like the Capital.

  2. turquoise_donkey says:

    This is just my humble opinion, but this whole money making scheme is stupid. None of the characters are clever and the entire premise is over the top. Real fans are going to be embarrassed and none fans who might catch this in passing are going to mock the league even more.

  3. The Horn Guy says:

    I don’t understand the reasoning for this entire project. It’s a cash grab, sure, but the execution has been entirely underwhelming. Had the suits at Marvel taken any care whatsoever to research the teams and the cities they’re in maybe they could have come up with something more than cheesy alternate mascots. These are all horrible.

  4. Grooven says:

    See… I was just looking at the characters in terms of the images artistically, not analyzing their powers in relation to their location or as indicative of the team. And certainly wasn’t paying attention to the motivation of it all, the monetary ramifications or the execution. (That’s what happens at 3a)
    I saw the NJ Devil as a horribly imagined character visually, which by comparison made the Capital seem pretty good in contrast.
    But would I buy a comic book? That’s a totally different topic.

  5. Paul says:

    One word: Gay.

  6. The Horn Guy says:

    I need to correct myself: Marvel had nothing to do with this. It’s Stan Lee’s project. Hence, the complete lack of originality or sense.

    I knew he’d run out of ideas ten years ago when he unveiled his “Imagine This” miniseries of one-offs showcasing how he would have created DC legends like Batman and Superman. As much as I love the old guy, it’s time for retirement, Stan!

  7. turquoise_donkey says:

    of course now I am a little curious what all these cleverly named superheros are fighting against. if it turns out to be mothera with a giant Bettman head on it I think I might change my opinion.

  8. Scott says:

    Paul, could you use a different adjective. There is nothing gay about this character.

  9. Dr. Carlos M Alcocer Bunker says:

    If the Capitals do not learn to play disciplined defense, they will not have a great season, no matter how many great shooters they have.

    The first rule of Hockey on a well disciplined team: Cover for your goalie, because no matter how good they are, you cannot expect them to be the only defense, every member of the team must contribute to the defense of the game in order to win.

    I have coached a winning Hockey team, so I find allot of talent in the Capitals, but this defense failure can be demoralizing to a team from being historically exceptional or just an over talented team of egos that get in the way of the whole mechanics of team Hockey. The end results will be; that once again it will keep them from winning the Stanley Cup, as this has been a systemic problem with this team for many years. Just my simple opinion and observations!

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