Music n’ Hockey

You may recall last year’s DC/101 contest to create a new Capitals goal song. The winner was Branko Hodzic and his band called the Sandbox Kings with “Rock the Red.” Branko heard about the contest from our blog post and after the win, sent us a heartfelt letter which we published.

Fast forward some nine months and the Sandbox Kings’ latest CD has been released. Friday’s trip to the PO Box revealed that Branko sent us several copies of the CD entitled Secrets. After opening the CD, I looked at the accompanying liner notes with a smile. The Kings were kind enough to include us in the acknowledgment section.

We’ve now appeared in the acknowledgment section of a book and a CD. Pretty cool.

I’ve only given Secrets one listen, but early impressions is it’s quite good. You can give the songs a listen on their website,

The musical weekend continued. Yesterday we got an email from Pete at Filligar. Yeah, we didn’t know who Filligar was either. They are a rock n’ roll band from Chicago and it just so happens that they all grew up playing hockey.

Many of us grew up playing hockey as well, though it may have just been the video game variety. If so, this video is for you. Filligar combined the evolution of the hockey video game to their song Health. Enjoy the trip down memory lane and visit the band at

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5 Responses to Music n’ Hockey

  1. Zman says:

    Cool video, kinda odd that they left of BLADES OF STEEL

  2. HBH WC says:

    I thought of the Blades of Steel omission also. It was kind neat though. The music was pretty decent too.
    What was the name of the second game (Nintendo) they showed. I had that game also but can’t remember what it was called.

  3. Grooven says:

    Haha… Eric Lindros…

    There were definitely some lesser-graphics hockey games on the pc. Kind of amazing how far they’ve come.

  4. Oh man, I *loved* Blades of Steel!

  5. KNXVIL says:

    Amen to all above re: Blades of Steel–I spent many nerve-wracking hours (and am sure to develop arthritis someday as a result) with my fingers curled around the Nintendo controller, leading the purple-and-white “Minnesota” team to victory. And the metallic noise on the title screen–ooh, still gives me chills.

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