Winter Classic Slideshow

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5 Responses to Winter Classic Slideshow

  1. McKinley2 says:

    Fantastic slideshow! Nice photo sequence on the Ovechkin no-goal.

  2. Gary says:


    Still learning about this photo stuff and your warm comment is encouraging.

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  4. OvieTracker says:

    Gary, thanks for posting your slideshow. I was away on winter holiday and have lots of Caps photos and videos to view and watch to catch up with what’s gone on with the team. Your submission is a wonderful addition to my must-see wind down time.

  5. claire says:

    Hi: Loved the picks. I watched it at home. My son was there. Because it was a home game for the penguins, the press on air had nothing good to say about th Caps. They said ovechickin was bo good any more. (Hope I spelled his name right.) Any way, good job.

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