On a Pond of Legends, Evason’s Play Stood Out

Caps assistant coach Dean Evason was fairly well-conditioned for the verbal give-and-take between players at Friday’s Capitals-Penguins alumni game, which ended in a 5-5 tie. He’d been subjected to his own round of ribbing from current Capitals when they heard he would lace up for the skate.

“Matt Bradley … [said]…they must be really hard up to have asked me [Evason] to play in the alumni game,” Evason recounted.

While Pete Bondra had the game-tying goal and a throng of Washington press around him after the game, Evason had to hold court with the media as well.  The game was an impressive showing for the coach, who played aggressively for the puck, showcased a finesse pass in front of the net that was good for an assist, and finished with the same amount of points as Mario Lemieux (both had two assists)

“The one time I played with the Hartford Whalers, we came here, and I was -5 against Mario’s line, so I was just trying not to be minus out there today,” Evason said.

He also gave feedback on the condition of the ice – he said it’s not as fast as the Caps’ ice at home and that the puck didn’t appear to slide as well as usual. Overall, however, he was pleased with the condition.

Evason added the sun coming out (immortalized by about 875 tweets, according to Puck Daddy’s Twitter account) did cause a glare skating into it, a noteworthy observation should the sun somehow break all meteorologists’ predictions and make an appearance tomorrow, although the angle won’t look to be nearly as bad due to the later puckdrop.

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