OFB TV: Inside the Winter Classic Alumni Game with Alan May

Comcast Sportsnet’s Capitals analyst Alan May made his first appearance on OFB TV Wednesday while taking in the Capitals’ outdoor practice in Chevy Chase, Md. We wanted to try and go on the inside a bit of that other game in Pittsburgh New Years weekend — the showdown between alumni for the Caps and Pens. That game, which will be played at 9:30 a.m. New Years Eve, sold out about an hour after tickets went on sale. There was some hope the game would be televised on the NHL Network, but instead that outlet will record the game and show highlights on its ‘On the Fly’ program. May will be playing in the game and likely on a line with fellow pot-stirrer Nick Kypreos.

Right up front we asked May what you would have: how many bounties on how many Penguin heads have been established? And May revealed a startling bit of scouting on the alumni adversaries: a few of the waddlers are balding but still in possession of mullets!

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4 Responses to OFB TV: Inside the Winter Classic Alumni Game with Alan May

  1. miles says:

    Any idea if this will get televised?

  2. penguin pete says:

    pens are streaming it live…


    i’d imagine caps are too…

  3. In the mullet world, those who are balding yet still “partying in the back” have “skullets.” 🙂

  4. OC, as I’m already lodged behind enemy lines, and need to carry off some media here, I’m indebted to you for sharing the local parlance.

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