8 In A Row Equals 7

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5 Responses to 8 In A Row Equals 7

  1. Stephen says:

    I wish they would have traded Flash for Buff

  2. DarkStranger44 says:


    Only problem, I don’t think Chicago would have coughed up Buff for Flash. (Or Atlanta right now.)

  3. Grooven says:

    Seems like it should be perfect for all those worried about the Curse of the President’s Cup. Or for those who thought home-ice hindered the Caps.

  4. SkinsCapsTerps says:

    And in a schocking development, Mike Green was on the ice when an opponent scored a goal, and nowhere near the palyer with the puck. When is the management of this team going to realize he is not an NHL defenseman ?

    At this point can the Bears be called up en masse ? Cant do any worse

  5. DarkStranger44 says:


    But then the Hershey Bears are not having a good year either.

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