Deep Reflections on a Frozen Culture

HBO, the media outlet that’s cost us our season, begins airing tonight its malevolently intrusive documentary series ’24/7 Penguins/Capitals: The Road to the NHL Winter Classic.’ The first of the four-part hit-job on our standings standing airs at 10:00 Eastern, and as with most HBO original productions, there will be replays of it this week. The Capitals have paid a high price for their participation in this project, obviously, but tonight for an hour at least — and hopefully immediately after a win over Anaheim — we can distract ourselves a bit from holiday tasks and howling winter winds and blanket up in front of the TV and immerse ourselves in HBO’s first in-depth foray into our frozen world. It ought to be special, and we ought not lose sight of the fact that the Capitals represent at least half of the allure for this project. (The Flyers you’ll recall skated in last year’s Winter Classic and no one from HBO gave a damn.) (Speaking of the Flyers, they ended Pittsburgh’s 12-game win streak last night. We hope it feels extra cold in Steel City this morning.)

This ’24/7′ preview clip of Brooks Laich is highly suggestive that we’ll be afforded some terrific reflections and perspectives in this series. Here Brooksie makes the claim that hockey is the best game in the world, and the athletes who play it are the world’s best athletes. We agree on both counts.

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3 Responses to Deep Reflections on a Frozen Culture

  1. Darryl says:

    “HBO, the media outlet that’s cost us our season,”

    Isn’t that a little harsh? The cup isn’t won in Dec guys.

    I am suprised that the editor allowed that comment to be made on a blog I feel is one of the best.

    Let’s not panic please!

  2. Geo says:

    As Leonsis says in his blog, the Penguins have given HBO the exact same level of access and it certainly hasn’t impacted their performances.

    The timing is lousy (the NHL probably didn’t expect the hottest and coldest teams in hockey to meet in the Winter Classic), but the Caps still have some time to warm up even if the HBO specials are going to make Boudreau sound like like he’s auditioning for a new sitcom called “#$*( My Hockey Coach Says” 😀

  3. Cathy W says:

    If it was another team I would say the HBO program was great, but it was sorta painful as a Caps fan to watch. It doesn’t matter how the Pens handle, what matters is how the Caps handle it. Yes,the Cup is not won in December, but it can be lost in December if a team digs itself a big enough hole. If the filming is affecting the team, you should not just assume that it will be over on Jan. 1 and they will just recover then. One never knows what injuries or illneses or obstacles lie ahead, includingbtravel.

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