Winter Classic Alumni Lines and Pairings

Can’t use any of these combos for tomorrow night’s game versus Anaheim, but this should look a lot like what Caps’ fans who travel to Pittsburgh New Years weekend could see should they take in the Caps-Pens Alumni game early on New Years Eve:

Peter Bondra           Michal Pivonka         Alan Hangsleben
Paul Mulvey             Dennis  Maruk         Mark Lofthouse
Errol Rausse             Alan May                Nick Kypreos
Blair  Stewart           Greg Adams             Pete LeBoutillier

Pat Ribble           Ken Sabourin
Robert Picard      Sylvain Cote
Yvon  Labre         Gord Lane

Don Beaupre

Donald Brashear and Kelly Miller are also expected to play. As is Caps’ assistant coach Dean Evason.

Working the bench: Granny Grant, Joe Reekie, and the Secretary of Defense, Rod Langway.

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27 Responses to Winter Classic Alumni Lines and Pairings

  1. JonnyP says:

    I’d like to see Stan Wong show up to.

  2. Dale says:

    You’d like to see Stan Wong show up to what?

  3. Geo says:

    I started following the Caps around 1977 or so. Man, I remember when they had a 23-game *winless* streak — the Wash. Post had a big article when they finally won again. Fans now get upset with a 6-game losing streak? How soon they forget. 🙂

    So I was hoping for folks like Guy Charron and Bobby Sirois. And no Mike Gartner? I bet he could still skate rings around everyone on the ice. 🙂

  4. NPal says:

    No Olie the Goalie?

  5. JDP says:

    What? No Jagr? LOL

  6. NikolaiNYR says:

    Most of the ’98 team should still be able to play.
    I agree Gartner should still be solid, and why not Oates?

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  8. CapsFan1975 says:

    Surprised that Langway, our Secretary of Defense, would be on the bench and not playing.

  9. Jerry says:

    How did Pete LeBoutillier make his way on to this team? He played for the old Baltimore Bandits and they weren’t affiliated with the Caps like the Skipjacks were. I think Alan May must have been in charge of getting these guys together given how many fighters there are in the lineup

  10. Ron W says:

    Isn’t Adam Oates, like another former Cap, Scott Stevens, busy as an Assistant Coach in the NHL?

  11. nunya says:

    Wheres dale huntre, he should deffinately be the number one center, unless their all afraid of him finishing his checks

  12. Sakurafire says:

    I would love to see Olie, but didn’t he have back surgery last year? I wouldn’t imagine him putting himself at risk.
    Then again, I would have liked to have seen Mike Gartner on the ice.

  13. Mike R says:

    Great lineup – but where are Mike Gartner, Ryan Walter, Mike Ridley, Dave Christian, Bengt Gustaffson, Tommy Rowe, Scott Stevens, Calle Johannson, and Mark Tinordi? Should be good fun though!

  14. Geo says:

    Yeah it’s fun to play “what classic Caps would we like to see,” although I assume there are probably family, business and career (coaching) reasons that many of our favorites can’t be there. And I’m sad that the late Gaétan Duchesne couldn’t be there.

    But… NICK KYPREOS? Who came up with THAT? 🙂

  15. SpartyCuse says:

    Jagr could have played 1/2 the game as a Cap, and 1/2 as a Pen. Of course, he would have given only 1/2 the effort when in a Caps jersey.

  16. sabresrule says:

    what! no olie, no nelson burton, no al iafrate, no jim carey, no pat peake, no hunter, no dasher or prancer. WTF

  17. Drew says:

    The omission of Bobby Gould is obviously an oversight.

  18. steviesmom says:

    I imagine that some people actually have plans for the holidays that might preclude them from coming and playing…or be busy with teams elsewhere, or be back in their homelands…who would I like to see? Clint Malarchuk, Bob Gould . . . Gary Rissling

  19. 2Box Dan says:

    No John Druce?

    Will Caps365 do a video piece on this?

  20. Andy says:

    We could have fielded a much stronger team. Pens alum supposedly include Lemieux, Francis, Coffee, Guerin, and Trottier. Someone give a call to Garts, Calle, etc. We need some more firepower!

  21. John says:

    What about OLIE?

  22. Kris Oprisko says:

    Yeah, these pre-80s guys have to stop horning in on the new good team. The foundation to this franchise was forged with that long playoff run beginning in 1982. Everything before then is best forgotten.

  23. Kris Oprisko says:

    I vote for Al Jensen, Doug Jarvis, Bobby Valentine, Bengt, Khristich… and DINO!

  24. Kris Oprisko says:

    and Dave Christian, Calle, Al 34, how about Kono?

  25. sam rosen says:

    This is a terrible line up, with the exception of bonzei, maruk, pavonka, cote, sabourin, this alumni team is so weak against the pens alumni. We need konowalchuk, johansson, gustfasson, gartner, and how about nikolesian? or get someone more recent even like a chris simon or Richard Zednik. why not them? there never coming back to the nhl.

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  27. Jack says:

    As long as the spelling of last names are being botched, how could Lou Francesghetti be left out…?

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