Hockey ‘N Heels: Flavor Saver Edition

Last night was the ever-popular Hockey ‘N Heels at Kettler Capitals Iceplex. The event, which sold out in under five minutes, was attended by 250 women of all ages. Activities included on-ice demonstrations with instructions from Karl Alzner, John Carlson, Marcus Johansson, Braden Holtby, and Peter Bondra.

Tables with hockey equipment were set up outside the rinks for attendees to see and try on the gear. Some actually did so.

Caps’ strength and conditioning coach Mark Nemish explained to the ladies what fitness routines the players go through and had them try some of the moves. One attendee said that she had done more in five minutes than her typical 1-hour workout.

Bruce Boudreau gave his famous film talk again. This was one of the most popular sessions, thanks to Gabby’s ability to give great quotes, such as, “Most hockey players are Canadian and don’t really finish their education. I didn’t make it past grade 11 myself.” He took questions from the crowd. One woman asked how he keeps Semin motivated. Boudreau answered, “Well, you show him a lot of love.” Someone else asked about Semin’s omission from the All-Star ballot.  Boudreau responded, “I don’t know. It’s pretty stupid.  Write him in.”

The last session was a photo in front of a locker set up with the Winter Classic uniform and equipment, which was a nice way to get everyone excited about the big game.

As usual, it was a fun, informative event.  Because it’s so popular, there’s a good chance that the Caps may host another Hockey ‘N Heels event early next year.

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2 Responses to Hockey ‘N Heels: Flavor Saver Edition

  1. michelle says:

    there cannot be enough photos of Karl Alzner’s Mo’ on the internet!

  2. After last night’s film talk I have developed something of a crush on Coach Boudreau.

    It was really fun. I would absolutely do that again.

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